One Piece Episode 856


Mirror World: Katakuri moves away from the buried Luffy, puts away his trident, and then calls out to the three cooks, who are already waiting. They then arrive with a cart containing several snacks such as donuts and other small cakes. They congratulate Katakuri on his victory and present him with their baked goods for his afternoon snack. Katakuri explains that he used too much haki in the battle with the Straw Hat and needs to fortify himself before looking for the rest of the members. For him, sugar is a source of strength, so he doesn’t want to give up his afternoon snack. He builds himself a small house in the shape of a shrine and tells the cooks not to let anyone in while he’s in there having his snack. After entering the shrine and closing the door behind him, the cooks wonder why no one has ever watched Katakuri eat, or rather, why no one is allowed to watch. Katakuri always eats to himself in complete seclusion. They suspect it has to do with the fact that he doesn’t want to drop his defenses in front of anyone.

Suddenly, the cooks hear something behind them and notice that Luffy’s hand, which was just buried under the three layers of mochi, has disappeared. The layers of mochi move, when suddenly a fat Luffy jumps out and declares that he has eaten his way out. While he’s at it, Luffy also complains that he has to eat oodles to win every duel for the past few days. When he asks where Katakuri went, the cooks won’t tell him, but Luffy can smell the donuts from the shrine and guesses that he must have gone back to eat. Since Luffy has gained too much weight from the mochi, he starts running to lose it. The cooks at first think Luffy is running away and make fun of him for it, but Luffy comes running back shortly after, with a normal body shape. With the running start he took, Luffy then attacks the shrine with his giant gun.

Cacao, Factory: Sanji and the rest of the cooks are making good progress. Chiffon seems to be almost done with her part, to which Sanji briefly tastes and praises her, which in turn makes Pudding a little jealous.

Cacao, coast: Oven’s ship reaches the island. Oven has come to oversee the production of the cake and therefore wants to pudding to the factory.

Mirror World: Luffy has destroyed the shrine, whereupon a scene is revealed that shocks the chefs. Katakuri has been lying on his back using a donut as a pillow and, completely relaxed and humming to himself with a large monstrous mouth, eats one donut after another with his eyes closed. Too late, he notices Luffy and realizes that the myth of him never lying on his back and always being serious, calm and noble has been busted. Within seconds, his anger flares up within him in response. He covers his mouth again under his scarf and cannot allow anyone who has seen him eat with his monstrous mouth to leave here alive. The cooks run away, utterly terrified, but Katakuri pierces one of them with his trident and smashes the other two against the nearest wall with a haki-enhanced blow. He then turns his attention back to Luffy, apologizing to him for not making sure he was actually dead, but this would not happen again. So it’s on to the second round of their fight, but in Luffy’s attempt to counter Katakuri’s hooked punches with his hooked punches, he finds that Katakuri’s armor haki is much stronger, which is why his hands hurt after the punches. Mercilessly, Katakuri thrashes wildly at Luffy and also throws him several feet away. He can’t bear the thought that someone has seen the real him, which is why he’s determined to kill Luffy. As he goes for another kick, however, Luffy suddenly manages to anticipate the move and counter. Katakuri thinks it’s a lucky shot, but his opponent is also able to anticipate and dodge his next attacks. Luffy then believes he has figured out the secret behind Katakuri’s ability to see into the future. Katakuri believes that Luffy is just bluffing and again causes the environment to become several mochi strands and drops as they are meant to fall down on Luffy. However, Luffy again believes he has now found a weak point, so he dodges and uses Gear 4. He also dodges all further attacks and is then able to hit Katakuri with a Kong Gun, whereupon it is Katakuri who is now flung away for the first time.

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