One Piece Episode 852


Mirror World: Luffy uses Gear 3 and attacks with his giant pistol, but Katakuri has his own version of it and thus also counters with a giant fist even bigger than Luffy’s. Both attacks have been reinforced with Haki and clash. After some time, however, it becomes apparent that Katakuri’s attack is the stronger one and knocks Luffy back. Luffy is slammed into the nearest wall, while Katakuri coldly and sarcastically asks if he executed the elephant gun correctly. However, Luffy is not discouraged and attacks with a Grizzly Magnum shortly after. However, this too is countered by Katakuri with the same technique, only bigger. Katakuri then holds Luffy down and slams him into some walls, which Luffy in turn wants to take advantage of, now hitting him with his giant axe technique. However, because of his haki, Katakuri saw this coming and let go in time and in turn attacks Luffy again with his own technique shortly after. Katakuri then declares that Luffy should realize that there would be no victory in his future. However, once again Luffy stands up and declares that he will not give up.

Rabiyan: Pudding handcuffs Chiffon to pretend to the island’s inhabitants that she was captured to help make the cake. Sanji, in turn, is said to be hiding in the rolled up part of the carpet.

Cacao: Pudding explains that she came to help with the cake and that’s why Chiffon is there too. Before Sanji is discovered in the carpet, Pudding immediately has herself taken to the bakery, where everything is already prepared and 31 other cooks have arrived to help.

Mirror World: Using a Den-den Mushi, Perospero contacts Katakuri and explains the current situation outside. He says that he will soon have caught up with the Straw Hat ship and asks how Katakuri is doing. The latter looks at the downed Luffy and explains that the Straw Hat captain has failed and he’s about to finish him off.

Cacao: Pudding asks the people gathered around the bakery not to look in or let anyone in under any circumstances, so as not to disrupt the concentration of all the cooks. In this way, Pudding actually wants to prevent anyone from seeing Sanji in the factory. Because of the other cooks, she gets another idea and asks them to come into the bakery one by one.

Bakery: Pudding manipulates the memories of one cook after another into believing that she and Sanji are married and that the cake was destroyed by bad weather. Sanji, meanwhile, created a recipe and sketch of the cake, of which Chiffon and the other chefs are amazed, as Sanji only saw the cake briefly and never ate any of it. However, the chef briefly explained that he was able to guess all the ingredients based on the smell, which only amazes the rest of the chefs even more. Sanji then distributes the tasks: Chiffon will make the cake with a few cooks, Pudding will take care of the chocolate with her team, and Sanji himself will prepare his secret ingredient. When the cake is ready, they will load it onto a ship and bring it to Big Mom, but on the way to her they will continue to work and finish the decoration.

Mirror World: Over the Den-den Mushi, Perospero makes fun of Pedro before hanging up, which in turn provokes Luffy to get up again. Katakuri finds this pointless, as Luffy could not defeat him with either speed or strength. Luffy now tries to combine the two and goes for the Elephant Gatling, but this is easily dodged by Katakuri and countered again. He then orders Brûlée to send the remaining soldiers on the trail of the other Straw Hats, whereupon her siblings Mascarpone and Joscarpone bring her a mirror that leads to the Straw Hats’ ship. The Plesiosaur twins want to shoot flaming arrows through the mirror, setting the ship on fire, but Luffy won’t let them. He tries to attack them, but is pinned to the ground by Katakuri.

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