One Piece Episode 851


Mirror World: The henchmen of the Big Mom pirate gang make fun of Luffy’s decision to destroy the mirror to the ship and believe he has decided to sacrifice himself. However, Luffy announces that he will defeat Katakuri. The henchmen doubt this, as he is the strongest of Big Mom’s three generals. Meanwhile, Katakuri admits that the Straw Hat Pirates has done more damage to the Big Mom pirates than anyone else, and that Luffy is therefore dangerous. However, purely in terms of his abilities, Luffy would still be far below his level. The fight between the two then begins. However, Katakuri is able to dodge and counter normal attacks that have been strengthened with Haki with ease. Luffy then goes into Gear 2 to avoid dodging with the extra speed, but his opponent knows where the attacks will hit by looking into the future and can still counter. Both opponents move with incredible speed, but no matter what Luffy tries, he can’t hit Katakuri. Luffy even somewhat destroys the environment to launch a surprise attack amidst the dust and debris, but even this he can anticipate.

Thousand Sunny: The ship lands safely at sea after the Coup de Burst. Chopper finds Luffy nowhere to be found, at which point Carrot explains that he went to the Mirror World with Katakuri. Brook advises that they should trust their captain, since he said he’d be back. He then notices that Pedro is nowhere to be seen. Chopper now notices this as well and they both ask where he is. With no enemies in sight right now, Nami explains to them both what happened. Brook is stunned and falls to his knees. On one hand, he doesn’t want to believe that Pedro sacrificed himself for them, and on the other hand, he blames himself for not being able to defeat Perospero. He repeatedly hits the ground and curses himself for being too weak. While Brook, Chopper, and Carrot cry over Pedro’s loss, Jinbe says they better not do that now. He says Pedro sacrificed himself to give them a chance to escape so they can make it out of Deadland. Right now, however, Big Mom as well as her fleet are still hot on their heels, so they can’t afford an unfocused moment lest Pedro’s sacrifice be in vain. Brook and the others then pull themselves back together and go about their duties. Nami explains the route to Jinbe while he steers the ship, Chopper takes care of the sails, Brook refills the used Coke and Carrot keeps an eye out for enemies in the crow’s nest. After a short while she also discovers a fleet of enemy ships, but among them is Big Mom. This is transported by an enormous sea slug made of rock candy. Carrot is immediately clear who is responsible for this sea slug.

Big Mom Fleet: Perospero sits on Big Mom’s tricorn, complaining that he now has to take her to the Straw Hats because Zeus has disappeared. However, this is only half bad for the firstborn of the Charlotte family. Because of Pedro’s explosion, he lost his right arm, which is why he would now have an unpaid bill with the Straw Hats himself. Although he can make himself a prosthesis out of rock candy, it melts every time he touches a hot cup of tea, which will thus remind him of Pedro and the Straw Hats until the end of time.

Whole Cake Island, Coast: Zeus and Prometheus have used up all their powers and shrunk down. The two wonder where everyone went and want something to regain their powers and then return to Big Mom.

Rabiyan: While traveling on the flying carpet, Sanji learns from Chiffon that Lola is her sister and the former Minister of Chocolat. Pudding has been proposed as her successor, but declined the position, saying that to her, Lola is the only true minister. Meanwhile, below them sails a ship on which is Pound. The latter discovers Chiffon and calls out to her, but she does not hear him. He then decides to sail after her.

Mirror World: Luffy attacks Katakuri with a Jet Gatling, but he counters that attack as well. He grew several extra arms with his mochi and copied Luffy’s every punch like a mirror image, causing him to not even hit him. Katakuri likes the attack, but thinks it could be expanded and now shows Luffy his Gatling attack, sending all of his extra arms slamming into him. Because he uses significantly more arms to do so, this attack is ten times stronger than Luffy’s, according to Big Mom’s henchmen. Katakuri states after the attack that this will serve as yet another demonstration to Luffy that it is true that he is superior to him in strength, speed, and skill. In short, anything Luffy can do, he can do better. But Luffy refuses to admit defeat or see that Mochi is superior to Gummi. Again, Luffy attacks and one of his attacks was also narrowly dodged by Katakuri. Katakuri then looks into the future and already knows that Luffy will use Gear 3 against him next, which Luffy plans to do shortly after.

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