One Piece Episode 850


Whole Cake Island Coast: In order to defeat Perospero so that his devil powers would be nullified and the Thousand Sunny would be freed, Pedro made the ultimate sacrifice and blew himself up with Perospero. The blast was powerful enough to throw Big Mom off a bit and also free the ship. Brook and Chopper are also freed from their rock candy cocoons shortly after. Everyone, however, is greatly shocked by Pedro’s sacrifice. Carrot in particular is hit hard by this, and Nami has to restrain her from going back. Unfortunately, there’s no time to mourn in the current situation and Luffy gives Nami orders to get everything ready for the coup de burst so Pedro’s sacrifice won’t be in vain and they can escape from here. Since Katakuri is still on the ship, Luffy wants to take care of him, but Carrot wants revenge for Pedro and charges at him first, bringing up some memories.

Flashback: Carrot is training with Shishilian to become a musketeer. However, Carrot’s sword skills are too weak for her to keep up with Shishilian. He easily manages to defeat and disarm her. He wants to continue training until she finally becomes a strong swordswoman, but suddenly they both hear a comment from the trees that this will never amount to anything. The comment came from Pedro, who has been watching the whole thing and thinks that Carrot is not fit to be a swordswoman and there is more than one way to become strong, Carrot just needs to find the suitable one for herself. Pedro offers Carrot to lead her training from now on if she was interested. Carrot accepted the offer and some time later Pedro gave her the fighting gloves she always wears today. He thinks that this is a weapon that suits her better and soon she would develop her own fighting style with it. A training fight with Pedro also immediately shows the difference. In the evening, Carrot thanks him for his help, as she was already doubting whether she could ever become stronger. However, Pedro explains that the way one fights alone does not make one strong and that she should prepare herself for anything, as there comes a time for everyone. However, he is sure that she can do it.

Present, Thousand Sunny: Carrot tries to attack Katakuri, but is easily defeated by him and pinned to the ground with one foot. Luffy can’t stand to see this happen and punches him away. He tells Carrot that he would take care of Katakuri. However, his Gear 2 attacks seem to have no effect on him, whereupon he switches to Gear 3. He creates a giant, haki-enhanced fist, but not to hit Katakuri, but to hold him down so he can’t attack his friends. Meanwhile, Nami is still trying to prepare for the coup de burst while Chopper, Brook, and Jinbe pull the submarine towards the ship. However, in the meantime, Big Mom has gotten back up and is approaching the ship again. To make matters worse, Amande wants to avenge her brother Perospero with her ships and continues to fire on the ship. Meanwhile, the energy for the coup de burst is charged, but when Nami went to flip the lever for it, Big Mom has reached the ship and is holding it down. She jiggles the ship so much that one of the Coke barrels loosens and falls out of the machine, whereupon Nami can no longer use the Coup de Burst. Brook and Chopper stop the cannonballs. Meanwhile, Nami wants to go to the engine room to restore the Coke supply and asks Jinbe to take her place at the wheel. Meanwhile, the confused Big Mom is already biting into the ship in her quest for the wedding cake. Luffy unfortunately can’t deal with that at the moment, though, as he has to hold Katakuri when suddenly Brûlée comes through a mirror to check on her brother. Nami comes out of the engine room to check on Carrot, and they both wonder what they can do about Big Mom. Suddenly, the smoke from the explosion clears and a shadow is seen. Nami and Carrot hope it is Pedro, but it is actually Perospero. The latter was able to protect most of his body with rock candy armor at the last second, but still lost an arm and briefly lost consciousness, which is why his devil powers dissipated earlier. Luffy, meanwhile, has spotted Brûlée and grabs her. He calls out to his comrades that he’ll leave the rest to them and promises to return. Jinbe now launches the Coup de Burst, which goes off in Big Mom’s face, who then lets go of the ship in fright, which in turn now flies into the sky, escaping its enemies. During the flight, the Straw Hats notice that Luffy and Katakuri have disappeared.

Mirror World: Luffy jumped into the mirror world with Katakuri after grabbing Brûlée. Luffy destroys the mirror leading to his ship so no one can attack his friends anymore during their escape. Katakuri is mildly impressed by the Straw Hat Captain’s determination, but thinks it’s pointless since he couldn’t win against him. However, Luffy disagrees and declares that he will defeat him and return to his friends.

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