One Piece Episode 848


Forest of Temptation: Sanji has made it onto Pudding’s flying carpet. Seeing from above that the Straw Hats have started walking in the wrong direction again, they briefly fly down again to tell them the way. To prevent the forest homies from changing their path again, Pudding uses her devil powers. In doing so, she brings up old memories of the original souls inside the homies, leaving them confused. After flying out of the forest, however, Sanji notices Chopper and Brook fighting some Big Mom pirates on the Thousand Sunny. Chiffon is worried since their opponents are Perospero and Katakuri, but Sanji resorts that his friends will be fine. He wants to continue flying to Cacao Island with Pudding and Chiffon on the carpet to make the cake.

Thousand Sunny: No matter how many soldiers and pirates Chopper and Brook defeat, more keep coming out of the mirror of Nami and Robin’s dressing table. Brook and Chopper plan to break the mirror, but Perospero says it’s an unnecessary attempt and no one will return to this ship since the Straw Hat & Co. are already dead. Brook is tired of Perospero’s talk and goes to attack him next. The latter is able to fend off the attack and accepts the challenge.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy’s group wonders if they can really trust Pudding this time. Jinbe isn’t sure, and thinks that until they’re out of Big Mom’s territory, they’d better stay alert. The group has almost reached the coast while Big Mom is still several yards behind them. Prometheus, meanwhile, chides Zeus for attacking Big Mom. The latter dismisses the blame, but has to admit that Nami’s clouds were really tasty for him and he would like to have more. Big Mom, meanwhile, has caught up with the Straw Hats a bit and is flailing wildly with her sword. She calls Prometheus to her and attacks with him again.

Thousand Sunny: Already clearly battered and tired from the previous fights, Brook has a hard time landing a hit against Perospero. Chopper tries to come to his aid, but steps on one of Perospero’s rock candy traps, causing his hooves to stick to the ground. Brook now wants to come to his aid, whereupon Perospero throws rock candy on his feet as well, causing him to stick to the ground. The rock candy slowly grows in size and Perospero declares that the two will soon be completely encased. After that, they only have three minutes left before they suffocate. Chopper tries to transform to break out of the sugar, but can’t. He is completely encased and shortly after, so is Brook. Big Mom’s firstborn then puts a clock on Chopper for the three minute countdown. Katakuri and Perospero then hear their mother’s attacks and roars coming closer and closer. Perospero is about to come up with a plan to get Big Mom to Cacao Island when not only Big Mom, but Luffy & Co. run out of the forest. Perospero is stunned that the Straw Hat survived. Katakuri, on the other hand, has briefly looked into the future and tells the soldiers that they’d better get back to the Mirror World if they don’t want to be defeated by the Straw Hat right away.

Coast: Perospero confronts the Straw Hats with a large wall of rock candy that has several thorns and wants to drop it on them. However, Luffy, Jinbe and Pedro are able to destroy the wall. Perospero, however, cautions them not to underestimate him, and builds an even larger and more dangerous version from the pieces of the destroyed wall. Jinbe thinks they’d better go around it, but Luffy orders them to keep running ahead and destroys the wall with a Red Hawk. Pedro is impressed by this action and his will.

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