One Piece Episode 843


The Whole Cake Chateau is about to fall over. Sanji has grabbed Luffy, uses his Sky Walk, and searches for Reiju to get her to safety. Big Mom, to Brûlée’s shock, falls off the Chateau. Galette also falls down, but is caught by Katakuri, who has attached himself to the roof with his mochi. Meanwhile, Reiju and Ichiji are safe and open a path for Sanji and Luffy to return to Bege’s body. After being reunited with their friends, Caesar sets off and continues his escape with Bege. Ichiji reports to Niji that their mission was a success and orders them to retreat. Niji and Yonji then gather up Judge and set off.

Streusen, meanwhile, has become active, using his devil powers to turn the entire Whole Cake Chateau into a giant cake. As it falls to the ground, the cake’s texture cushions the impact, preventing Sweet City from being destroyed and allowing the Big Mom pirate gang on the roof to survive as well. Big Mom, in turn, was caught by Zeus at the last second.

Sweet City: Big Mom can’t believe that her castle had to be turned into a cake and destroyed just like the wedding cake she was looking forward to. Smoothie finds Big Mom, but her mind is only on the cake and she gets hungry. Although her destroyed castle has been turned into cake, according to herself, cakes and sweets that Streusen made with his devil powers don’t taste very good. Meanwhile, the townspeople ask Mont d’Or what happened, but he won’t answer them. He yells at the soldiers to find the Straw Hat Pirates and the Fire Tank Pirates, as they are surely still around and must not leave the island alive.

Northwest of Whole Cake Island: Bege lets the Straw Hat Pirates out of his body. Nami thanks him for his help, but refuses to thank Caesar because she won’t forgive him for what happened on Punk Hazard. Bege keeps his promise and gives Caesar his heart, which Caesar receives with tears of joy. Finally free of everyone, he doesn’t want to see anyone here again and leaves, though no one cares either. Vito looks through binoculars and sees that the Big Mom pirates survived, which is why they should leave. Bege leaves his gang in his body and puts up a sign. While doing so, he explains that they will now separate from the Straw Hat Pirates, which means their alliance is now over. However, he advises them not to get reckless, as even if they reach their ship without any problems, it will take them a few days to leave Big Mom’s territory. He then transforms his legs and drives off. Sanji then looks at the sign he put up. It seems to be meant for the Big Mom pirates and explains which way the Straw Hats will probably flee to get to their ship, which upsets the ship’s cook.

Sweet City: Katakuri orders Daifuku to set up two units. One group is to go after the Straw Hats, the other Bege. Smoothie wants to explain the situation to Big Mom, but realizes, to her chagrin, that Big Mom has gone into one of her fits and is demanding the wedding cake. The Sweet City residents and Opera run away from her with terror on their faces, but Smoothie holds Opera down. She blames him for this situation because he lied to her all about the straw hat. She explains that even if he gets to safety from Big Mom, he would no longer have a place with them, so he should face his responsibilities. Opera declares that she should get to safety and confronts Big Mom. He tries to stop her a bit, but his fear of her ends up being too much, whereupon Big Mom uses her devil powers on him.

Germa Kingdom: To their amazement, the soldiers of the Germa Kingdom cannot reach their leaders. Further, their kingdom is threatened by a large group of Big Mom pirates led by Charlotte Nut Pie, Dosmarche, and Basskarte.

Northwest of the island: The Straw Hat Pirates splits up as well. Brook and Chopper want to pick up the submarine and go to Sunny with it, while the rest go straight there.

Sweet City: The older members of the Charlotte family discuss the situation and also fill Tamago in on everything. Pekoms joins in and explains that the Sun Pirates has escaped, whereupon Katakuri & Co. understand why he broke away from them in the middle of this situation. Katakuri then wants to go off with Brûlée to get the Straw Hat before it becomes a serious threat to Big Mom. At that moment, there is a commotion and Smoothie comes running towards them in the distance. She warns her siblings to run away as fast as they can. As they ask what’s going on, they see the answer. A rambunctious Big Mom lashes out and destroys everything in her path in search of a wedding cake.

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