One Piece Episode 841


Tea Party: After Caesar also flew out of Bege, he transforms back into his human form. However, they are quickly surrounded by Big Mom’s gang of pirates. All the pirates take out their firearms and start firing, but Germa 66 deflects the shots. Caesar then grabs Bege and flies off with him, as planned, while the Germa flies after to back them up. Big Mom then throws Prometheus after them, which takes Reiju down. However, the latter is still able to get up afterwards.

Bege’s Body: Luffy still tries to jump out as well to help Reiju, among others, but is stopped by Brook.

Tea Party: The long-necked siblings Joscarpone and Mascarpone then attack Reiju together. However, Reiju is able to fend off the attack and poison them both. Smoothie takes care of her siblings and squeezes the poison out of their necks with her devil powers. When Big Mom then tries to attack Reiju with Zeus, Luffy and Sanji have had enough. They both jump out of Bege and stop Big Mom’s attack. After Reiju escapes to safety, Sanji grabs Luffy to leave with him. Big Mom, however, reminds Luffy of his own words. On Fish-Man Island, Luffy said he would kick Big Mom’s butt, thus making the island his territory. In the dungeon, Luffy also said that his gang would have the last laugh, but now he would just run away, even though he had the chance to back up his words. Big Mom calls Luffy a coward, which he can’t take. He at least wants to give her a punch and goes into Gear 4 to do so. Big Mom again deflects the attack with her hook-enhanced arm.

Meanwhile, the remaining Big Mom pirates want to attack Bege, but the pursuers High Fat, Laurin, Mobile and Dacquoise are defeated by Niji, Yonji and Ichiji one after the other. Caesar is starting to feel safe and wants to continue flying, but he is then attacked by Oven. Yonji joins in and keeps the heat man busy. Niji in turn fends off an attack from Daifuku, and Ichiji has to stall Smoothie to buy Caesar time to escape. Caesar then has almost reached the wall to the tea party to fly over, and is happy to soon have his freedom, when suddenly a massive mass of rock candy rises up and threatens to bury him and Bege. Of course, this attack came from Perospero. Caesar believes they have lost their last hope when the three Germa brothers reappear. With a combination attack, they destroy the wall of rock candy and allow Caesar to escape once again.

Du Feld, meanwhile, wants to jump down from the roof onto a ledge, one floor below, because the Tamatebako casket has landed there. However, Stussy surprises him, causing him to fall down. However, Du Feld lands safely and now goes towards the Tamatebako Casket to secure its contents. At that moment, however, he is hit by a flying finger pistol, which came from Stussy, who reveals herself to be an agent of CP0. She claims the contents of the casket for the World Government, but can’t use any witnesses to blow her cover. She’ll blame the theft on Du Feld, of course, and hopes that Morgans, whom she noticed watching everything from behind the wall, will put it all in his paper the same way. Morgans comes out of hiding and promises to write it in such a way as to cover up CP0’s action. But at that moment Du Feld’s body pushes the chest away from the ledge, whereupon it falls off the whole chateau.

Tea Party: Luffy states that after he defeats Kaidou, Big Mom will be next and attacks again with a bazooka attack, but Big Mom easily swats it away. She declares that Luffy’s crew could never defeat Kaidou. Luffy literally runs out of air and transforms back, at which point Sanji grabs him and flees with him. Big Mom again races after them, asking why they would actually think they have any chance of getting out of their territory alive. As she catches up with the two, Judge joins them and, in revenge for them breaking his revenge plan against the Northblue, attacks them. However, his spear is simply bitten by Big Mom. Big Mom then grabs Judge and gives him a direct hit with Zeus, to the shock of his children.

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