One Piece Episode 840


Tea Party: The Big Mom pirate gang has surrounded the castle and is waiting for someone to come out. Katakuri is furious with Brûlée for allowing herself to be used for such a scheme, whereupon she apologizes to him. Smoothie, meanwhile, is squeezing Reiju’s poison out of her body.

Bege’s Castle: Bege makes an image of himself in the castle to talk to everyone. Luffy and Chopper compliment him on how cool his Devil Fruit is, but Bege won’t hear of it at the moment. The assassination attempt they’ve been working on for a year was a failure. In fact, it was the first time the Fire Tank pirate gang failed to kill someone. Brook thinks that one of the Four Emperors would probably be out of their league right now after all. Bege explains that they don’t have much time, however, and need to find a solution to their situation quickly. The castle they are in is sturdy, but not indestructible. Furthermore, it represents Bege’s body, so destroying the castle would also be the end of him.

Tea Party: Meanwhile, Big Mom has calmed down and Katakuri explains the situation to her. When she hears that Bege has betrayed her, she becomes extremely angry. She climbs up the castle, peers through the windows, and demands that Bege and the Straw Hat show themselves. When no one shows up, she starts punching the castle walls.

Bege’s Castle: Big Mom’s attacks have an effect on Bege, who falls to the floor and writhes in pain. Chiffon cannot stand by and gives Petz to Vito and runs to the window. She begs her mother to stop the attacks and forgive Bege, as he is her husband and she has a child with him. But the sight of Chiffon only reminds Big Mom of Lola, which fuels her anger even more. Therefore, she lunges to attack again, but Luffy is able to pull Chiffon away from the window in time. Big Mom keeps attacking the castle, which Bege clearly feels. Luffy wants to get out of the castle and attack Big Mom, being stopped by Chopper and Nami. Nami explains that there is no reason to fight a pointless battle. They have Sanji back, a copy of the Poneglyph, and Sanji’s family saved. All their goals are thus done, which is why they’d better think about escaping. They are simply too few for such an enemy and need the help of Zoro & Co. who are waiting on Wano Country. Luffy, however, doesn’t want to abandon Bege, who is currently protecting them. Meanwhile, Bege has come up with an idea and wants to change his outer self back into his human form. Caesar would then just have to grab him and fly down, after which everyone would be safe. Caesar doesn’t like the plan though, as there are surely many with armor haki outside who will fire at him, which could mean his end. Meanwhile, Judge asks Sanji why he saved his family when he hates them. Sanji explains that his father, by which he means Zeff, would be disappointed in him if he had just let them die. He walks up to Judge and grabs him by the collar, wanting him to admit he’s not his father and swear to never show his face in front of him again. Judge breaks free of Sanji’s grip, stands up, and promises not to bother Sanji or the East Blue ever again. Big Mom, meanwhile, has damaged the lock and time seems to be running out for Bege. Caesar is still unwilling to put himself in danger, to which Judge explains that he and the Germa 66 will draw attention to themselves while Caesar heads to safety with Bege. Judge adds that he doesn’t want to owe anything to the “failure” and makes his way out with the rest of his children.

Tea Party: Bege’s castle transforms back as Judge, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, Reiju and Caesar jump out. However, Big Mom is already waiting for them.

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