One Piece Episode 839


Tea Party: After Caesar’s mirror was broken by Big Mom’s scream, Bege sees no other option and turns himself into a giant moving fortress. He opens his gate and lets his allies in. The Fire Tank pirates back them up with their firepower. Bege also uses his own castle cannons, but he knows it will only buy him some time.

Meanwhile, the underworld brokers are also having trouble with Big Mom’s extremely loud scream. Fortunately for Du Feld, however, some mochi from Katakuri flies to him, which he, like the members of Big Mom’s pirate gang, uses to protect his ears. It occurs to Du Feld that now that most have their attention on Big Mom or the Straw Hats, no one is paying attention to the treasures. The Tamatebako casket in particular piques Du Feld’s interest.

Encounter Castle: Caesar races to the castle and thinks he’s safe, but something has grabbed him from behind and pulls him back out. It’s Katakuri, who has grabbed him with his mochi arm. Caesar does his best to get rid of him, breaking the backpack that Brûlée is in and Katakuri grabs it. Caesar, meanwhile, flies back to Bege’s castle as fast as he can, while Brûlée thanks her big brother for saving her. Katakuri then orders an attack on the castle, at which point Caesar wants the gate closed, while Luffy wants to prevent this, as Nami, Chopper and Carrot are still outside.

Nami & Co. try to reach the castle, but the navigator is grabbed by Smoothie. Chopper attacks the giant woman, but his Kung Fu punches and kicks have no effect on her. Chopper himself is then grabbed by Oven. Carrot tries to come to his aid, but Daifuku’s Genie grabs her again.

At the other end of the square, Sanji doesn’t know how to help his friends, as the Vinsmokes’ table is about to be surrounded again. Judge signals to his other kids, whereupon they all get up and take out the cans with their Raid Suits. They activate the cans, whereupon a group transformation occurs and they are now ready to fight. The pirates who surrounded them are then without a chance, as the Raid Suits appear to be bulletproof and fireproof, and their opponents now outnumber them combat-wise as well. Perospero tries to catch everyone again with his rock candy, but is stopped and knocked away by Ichiji. Niji in turn takes care of Oven and thus frees Chopper. Yonji, on the other hand, throws Saint-Marc at Daifuku and then pushes the latter’s genius to the ground, freeing Carrot. Smoothie is about to try to squeeze Nami when Reiju joins in and poisons her with a kick, causing her to let go of Nami. Sanji catches her and runs with her and the others into Bege’s castle. After Germa 66 flies in as well, Bege closes the gates.

Meanwhile, Du Feld tries to open the Tamatebako box, steal the treasure inside, and replace it with something arbitrary. But the fighting, explosions, and Big Mom’s seemingly endless scream cause shockwaves so strong that the box falls one floor below.

Bege, meanwhile, is not about to let his last chance to eliminate Big Mom while she’s still screaming go to waste. He tries to attack her with his cannons, but is prevented by a candy sugar wall from Perospero. More cannons are blocked by Mochi of Katakuri. Bege then tries to run over Big Mom with his massive lock, but Perospero gums up the floor, so Bege can’t move a step. Inside, he tells his allies that the assassination attempt was a complete failure and that they must prepare for a hopeless fight that they could not win.


The eye catcher of the Germa 66
  • In this episode, for the first time, there is an eye-catcher of Germa 66.
  • All of the lyrics in this episode were internal monologues, as no one heard anything through the earbuds.
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