One Piece Episode 838


Present: Big Mom’s scream is so strong that it even destroys Perospero’s candy, which was holding the Vinsmoke family captive.

Flashback 63 years: There were two witnesses who saw what happened to Mother Carmel. The first was a giant friend who was making an inspection visit to see if all was well or if supplies were still needed. Shocked and pale with shock, he saw what happening from a distance and ran away while calling Linlin a monster. He never returned to the island. He recounted what happened on Elbaf, whereupon the giants’ hatred towards Charlotte Linlin only increased, to the point where no one ever mouthed her name again. The other witness sat in the bushes nearby and was the cook of a failed pirate gang that had recently disbanded; his name was Streusen. This one, in turn, was amused by the sight, so he literally fell to the ground and doubled over laughing. Streusen once ate from the Koch Fruit, which is why he is able to make food from anything. After calming down a bit and turning a block of wood into a few slices of meat that he ate, he said that he had never seen such a monster as Linlin. He thinks letting her die here and now would be a waste of her power, which is why he should take care of her. He later went over to her and introduced himself as a chef friend of Carmel’s who had come to check on her until she returned. The two would later form the Big Mom pirate gang.

Present: Bege and his gang fire the rocket launchers to take down Big Mom now. In her mind, however, Big Mom is still in her past.

Flashback, 63 years ago: She remembers Carmel telling her and the other children that she wanted a country where everyone was equal and there was no discrimination or racism. She therefore hoped to build such a country with the children of this island. This then became Linlin’s dream.

She also told Streusen about it after Carmel’s disappearance and that she wants to make Carmel’s dream come true. During a later spar, Linlin cries because she would miss Carmel’s magic. When Streusen asks what she means, Linlin explains that Carmel could always bring something to life. When Linlin imitates her, she gives some of her soul to the flowers, trees, and hills, whereupon they come to life. Linlin doesn’t quite understand why she is now able to do this as well, but is pleased. Streusen is impressed by Linlin’s devilish powers and has decided to set sail with her. He in turn tells her that he wants to help her create her dreamland from this island.

A few days later, marines showed up to pick up the children Carmel had promised them. However, when they encountered the singing trees, flowers, and rocks coming towards them, they became frightened and shot at them. This infuriated Linlin, so she in turn attacked all the marines, not giving them any credence that they were there to pick her up on Carmel’s behalf. After single-handedly defeating the squad of marines, she went out to sea with Streusen and was wanted by a bounty of 50 million berries. She attacked several towns on Streusen’s advice and even took over a castle. She created her two homies Prometheus and Zeus and quickly became a serious threat to the world. Her bounty grew to 500 million berries in no time and continued to rise. She dethroned kings and threatened the rest of the population to join her own dreamland if they wanted to continue living. So Mother Carmel’s Island soon became Whole Cake Island and the neighboring islands became Big Mom’s Deadland.

Present: In her mind, she explains that she can barely stop her tears, as this was the only picture of her beloved mother Carmel. However, her grief over the lost picture then turns to anger and rage towards the Straw Hats, whereupon her cry becomes even stronger and Bege’s ignited missiles explode while still in the air, preventing them from hitting Big Mom. Katakuri, meanwhile, has made mochi discs for his ears with his devil powers and distributes more to his siblings so they won’t mind their mother’s scream. Since the mission was a failure, Bege gives the signal to retreat and everyone runs off. Caesar makes his way with the mirror so they can get to safety. But as Caesar gets closer with the mirror, it shatters into a thousand pieces due to Big Mom’s scream.

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