One Piece Episode 836


After Big Mom sees the destroyed picture of her mother Carmel again, old memories come back to her.

Flashback, 63 years ago, Elbaf: A large ship pulls up to shore and a couple disembarks. They call their daughter to them, whereupon five-year-old Charlotte Linlin disembarks. Already at five, she is twice the size of her parents. Linlin’s mother explains to her that her father has business to attend to here, which is why she should wait on the coast for their return. They have filled her backpack to the top with sweets, which she is supposed to eat until then. The parents go back to the ship, which then leaves, while Linlin is already eating some sweets and waving to her parents. Linlin’s mother can hardly stand this and starts to cry. Her husband tries to calm her down. Their daughter has just done too much damage in their home. They can’t properly care for their daughter, which is why they had to abandon her here. Linlin’s father continues to reassure his wife that there is a woman on this island named Mother Carmel who will surely save Linlin.

In the evening Linlin has eaten everything from her backpack. She is still waiting at the coast, but nobody comes. Later it starts to snow and in the night still no one has returned, so Linlin starts to worry about her parents. Time passes and Linlin’s stomach growls scare away even huge animals.

Nearly a century ago, the world was in turmoil because of the giant warrior pirate band of Elbaf that roamed the lands, pillaging and plundering. However, the pirate gang disintegrated when both captains suddenly disappeared. Some former members were captured and were to be executed, but this was prevented by a beautiful young wandering nun, Sister Carmel. This one thinks that surely the heavens don’t want to see more blood being spilled. Instantly, the sky darkened and a thunderstorm rolled in. Carmel explains that if they execute these giants publicly now, Elbaf will take revenge, form an army, and start a war against humanity. Therefore, they should forgive them for their sins. It would lead them to a future where all races lived together peacefully. The navy agreed after some deliberation, something the giants never forgot her for. She opened an orphanage on Elbaf for all species that had no parents or place to live. Soon after, they called her Mother Carmel.

37 years later (the time Linlin was abandoned by her parents): Carmel found Linlin and brought her to her orphanage, where she met many other orphans who no longer had parents or were abandoned like Linlin. For example, there was a prince there who lost his family and land in an upheaval, or a child who was nearly enslaved. The children also often played with the giant children from the neighboring village of Elbaf. The giant girl Gerd showed Linlin something she had never seen before. The village of giants, which was so big that for the first time Linlin didn’t feel like an outsider, since everything was exactly her size or even bigger.

A few days later Linlin saw a bear and a wolf fighting each other. Since Mother Carmel taught her that fighting was not good, she tried to stop the fight. She locked them both in a cage, but the next day Linlin saw that the bear had killed the wolf. Enraged, Linlin hit him, whereupon he dropped dead. Mother Carmel came along and heard the story from Linlin. She was shocked that one blow from Linlin was enough to kill a full-grown bear, yet she was not angry or showed her fear towards Linlin. Instead, she praised her for trying to befriend the two. To Linlin, Carmel was the person who truly understood her. However, the days of incidents were slowly piling up. One day she accidentally broke a giant child’s arm trying to swat a mosquito that had landed on him. One boy from the longarm tribe she tried to rip out one of his extra joints so he would be “normal”. The next day she tried to remove the webbed feet from a fish man boy. Mother Carmel had to explain to her each time that there were different species and nothing needed to be done about them. The other children then became more and more afraid of Linlin, but Carmel kept explaining that they should forgive her.

Ten months later: Linlin, Gerd and some other children are playing tag in the village. Linlin is now welcome in the village and can come and go whenever she wants. Oimo and Kashii are beginning to wonder where Brogy and Dorry are, since they have been dueling for 40 years. They want to wait another ten years, then if they still haven’t shown up, they want to go pick them up. Meanwhile, Kashii asks Linlin if she has made any preparations yet. Linlin doesn’t know what it’s about, whereupon Gerd explains to her that starting tomorrow, Lent begins in Elbaf and they won’t eat for twelve days, though drinking water is still allowed. Linlin is far from thrilled, but Gerd explains that there will be a big feast afterwards. They suddenly hear some loud noises and see young Hajrudin, who is fighting an adult to get stronger so he can accompany Brogy and Dorry next time. Shortly after, they are joined by the village elders or tribal leaders, Jarul and Jorul. These like that Hajrudin is training to become a strong warrior, but admit that Mother Carmel’s “trading instead of committing raids” method has its advantages as well. The two have come to the village to participate in the great Semla meal before Lent begins.

In the evening, everyone has gathered for a Semla dinner. The adults continue to toast the birth of their prince Loki as well as the addition to the village, the babies Road and Goldberg. When Linlin starts eating the Semla, however, she goes into a feeding frenzy and can barely contain herself, so several adult giants are already trying to restrain her.

The fasting period began after that and for Linlin, who loved food more than anything, it became hard after day 3. She still managed to control herself until the sixth day, but on the seventh day she had such a craving for Semla that she went off and attacked the village of the giants. Gerd went for Mother Carmel to help. By the time she arrived, the village was on fire and several people lay injured on the ground while Linlin continued to cry out for Semla. Jorul no longer saw Linlin as a small child and could not forgive her for this disaster. He drew his sword to kill this demon of destruction.

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