One Piece Episode 835


Tea Party: Sanji runs towards his family, with Charlotte Nut Pie, Charlotte Laurin, and Charlotte Dosmarche trying to stop him, but all they can do is slow him down a bit, allowing Daifuku, behind Sanji, to catch back up.

Caesar, meanwhile, has appeared at the gate of the tea party. Brûlée, still strapped to his back, complains and doesn’t want any of her family to see her and thinks she’s making common cause with Bege & Co. After Caesar sets up the mirror, he peers over the wall to see how far along the plan has become.

Luffy tries again to show the destroyed picture of Carmel to the confused Big Mom, but several members of the Big Mom pirate gang get in his way. Katakuri orders Luffy not to let anyone near Big Mom and also tries to stop him, but Bege, Jinbe and Pedro get in his way. Meanwhile, Luffy manages to leave the enemies in his path behind and tries to show Big Mom the picture with his outstretched arms, but he is stopped by Oven, who grabs Luffy’s arms and takes the picture from him. Brook joins in, however, and briefly freezes Oven, taking the picture from him as well. Using his devil powers, however, Oven is able to melt the ice away very quickly. Brook gives the picture back to Luffy and explains that he would take care of Oven, whereupon Luffy goes on his way again.

Katakuri orders Perospero to finally finish off the Vinsmoke family, but he wants to savor the moment and continue taunting Judge. Sanji tries to reach the table to at least save his sister, but Daifuku interferes again. He sends off his Genie, who attacks Sanji again, pinning him to the ground. When Reiju again sees Sanji, she can’t believe he’s actually trying to save his no-good family. Like Sanji, she always hated being born a Vinsmoke and was ashamed of it. But when she saw Sanji again as an adult after many years, she felt relief that some good had come out of her family after all, for which she is grateful to her little brother. Perospero now wants to end it and is about to pull the trigger of his revolver first so that his siblings will do the same.

Luffy tries to hurry and show Big Mom the broken picture beforehand, but he is pursued by Katakuri. Bege, Jinbe, and Pedro try to stop him, but Katakuri always knows in advance what they are trying to do and is able to dodge or escape each attack with ease. He manages to catch up to Luffy and push him to the ground, but Luffy stretches his arms and shows Big Mom the broken picture. When Big Mom realizes it, she can’t control her emotions and lets out a huge scream, connecting with her King Shaki. Everyone present who didn’t pass out from the king shaki is then forced to cover their ears. This causes Perospero and his group, among others, to drop their weapons. Daifuku, in turn, loses control of his genie, which is why Sanji gets free. Bege and the Straw Hats, in turn, use earplugs so that the scream has no effect on them. Chopper, Nami, and Carrot are then able to use the time to sneak over to the Vinsmoke family’s table and give them earplugs or headphones. Sanji, in turn, uses his Diable Jump and smashes the table’s candy, freeing his family. Nami, Chopper, and Carrot then give the Vinsmokes their Raid Suits, at which point Nami says they’ll have to take care of the rest themselves now. Judge is still speechless.

Big Mom, meanwhile, drops to her knees and slaps them, causing them to bleed. Bege realizes that it is now time to finish her off, at which point Vito and Gotti come out of his body with the missile launchers. All three aim at Big Mom and are ready to fire. At that moment, Big Mom wonders where only her mother Carmel disappeared to and starts reminiscing about her childhood.

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