One Piece Episode 834


Tea Party: Jinbe dodged Big Mom’s attack with Prometheus in time. Brook, who wore a Luffy mask to sneak under the mirror of Luffy to Big Mom’s table, takes the opportunity to smash the picture of Mother Carmel. Big Mom is stunned when she sees this. Brook rips off his mask moments later, which shocks the guests, who think he ripped off his face. Bege and everyone else wait for Big Mom’s scream, but events overwhelm them. First the destruction of the wedding cake, then the photo thing. Completely confused, she staggers around lashing out. Meanwhile, Mascarpone attacks Brook, who quickly runs off. The Big Mom pirates counterattack and try to finish off the Straw Hats before Big Mom realizes what’s going on.

Judge thinks that the straw hat would have ruined everything for him and asks Perospero that they should be given back their weapons. But Perospero says that they have everything under control and there is no need for that. He would personally see to their safety.

Sanji, meanwhile, has moved away from the crowd and is trying to get Pudding to safety. The latter just comes to and hesitates for a moment, but then points her gun at him and tries to shoot him, which fails. Using his haki, Sanji dodges every bullet. Pudding keeps firing at him, explaining that this is her true ugly self and he is surely shocked and disappointed. Further, she explains she has fooled dozens of people like this, to which Sanji asks her if she herself is one of them. Again, Pudding brings up her traumatic childhood memories of her mother telling her she was ugly, adults shunning her, and treating her peers as monsters. As Sanji gets closer and closer, she starts to hesitate to shoot at him again. But at that moment, Sanji and Pudding hear a voice. It comes from Daifuku. Sanji quickly picks up Pudding and jumps to safety with her before the attack hits them both. Pudding then moves away from Sanji and runs to her big brother, begging him for another chance. Daifuku, however, calls her useless and punches her away. He rubs his stomach, whereupon a genie comes out of him, attacking Sanji. Daifuku ate of the Lamp Fruit and has been a Wonder Lamp Man ever since, with a Genie in his body to do his every bidding.

Mirror World: Caesar has Charlotte Brûlée strapped to his back and sets off to get everyone out in time once the assassination succeeds.

Tea Party: Jinbe and Luffy fight the Big Mom pirates, but new ones reappear. Bege grabs Luffy and pretends to shoot him to keep up appearances. In the process, he explains to him the problem they currently have.

Meanwhile, Oven wants to attack Jinbe, but is stopped by Pedro. But when Oven touches his sword, it becomes red-hot, so Pedro drops it. Oven ate of the heat fruit and thus can raise the temperature of himself and everything he touches. Oven recognizes Pedro and assumes that if he came here with so little life, he must have been preparing to die. Pedro picks up his sword again and explains that he is always prepared.

Brook, meanwhile, has his head cut off, which flies to Luffy. Since Brook can put his bones back together later, this is no problem for the skeleton. He wants to tell his captain and Bege what is going on with Big Mom, but they suddenly hear a scream.

Judge and the Vinsmoke family have been covered in candy up to their upper bodies and are unable to move. Several members of the Big Mom pirates draw their guns and are now aiming at them. Judge understands what’s going on and keeps calling out desperately for Big Mom, since there should be a code of honor even in the underworld. Perospero explains that his mother is currently unable to answer him due to events, but even if she wasn’t, no one would listen to a cow about to be slaughtered. Ichiji, Niji and Yonji don’t care much about the whole thing and they think their father better get a grip. They even make fun of themselves for getting into such a situation without their gun. Judge can’t understand why his sons are so carefree while Reiju is clear about this. This is because of their modifications they received from Judge, which makes them feel no fear. Despite the three of them being her younger brothers, she can’t see them as people in situations like this. The fact that he is about to be executed and never achieved his dream makes Judge cry, which the other underworld bosses mock while Morgans takes pictures of it.

Meanwhile, Brook has told Bege and Luffy that if Big Mom sees the broken photo of Mother Carmel one more time, she will surely start screaming, which is why Luffy should show it to her again. Bege doesn’t know if this will work, but suddenly they see an angry Katakuri coming towards them. From the look on his face, Bege can tell that Katakuri must have seen something unpleasant in the future, which is why they have Luffy show Big Mom the photo. Bege wants to buy Luffy some time with Pedro and Jinbe, and keeps shouting for everything to hear it, telling them to have the earplugs ready. Sanji finally manages to kick the Genie away and goes on his way. Luffy has grabbed the photo and is getting ready to show it to Big Mom.

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