One Piece Episode 832


Inside Bege: Jinbe tries hard to wake Luffy up, but he won’t wake up. He asks Nami if there is any special way to wake him up, to which Nami explains that the smell of food is the best solution. Chopper then asks Bege’s men to get some meatballs.

Tea Party: Zeus has brought the bride and groom to the guests, and Sanji is trying his best to concentrate and not forget the plan, while Pudding hopes to shoot him soon. Chef Streusen, meanwhile, is tuning up to a song again, using his own devil powers to turn the ground beneath him into frosting so that the massive wedding cake can be lifted from the bottom to the top of the roof. Filled with pride, the chef presents his creation, which is as big as a small house. Big Mom is thrilled and can’t wait to eat the cake. Zeus takes Sanji and Pudding to the top of the tower, where the priest is already waiting at the altar. The guests are asked to make their way to their seats. The Vinsmoke family, except for Reiju, don’t notice that they are surrounded by high ranking members of the Big Mom pirate gang as they do so. They are all just waiting for the signal to attack. Reiju has accepted her fate and that of the Germa Kingdom, but she hopes Sanji makes it out alive.

Inside Bege: With the meat clubs, the Straw Hats were able to wake up their captain, who immediately pounces on the food. Jinbe explains that they don’t have time for that, as the shot was about to come. Luffy still wants to continue eating, whereupon Jinbe grabs him and goes with him to the mirror world.

Tea Party, Altar: Meanwhile, the ceremony is in full swing and the priest is already giving his Pledge of Allegiance speech. Katakuri looks ahead for good measure, but sees in his amazement that Pudding is about to fall to his knees. The commander doesn’t understand what’s going to happen to make it happen. Meanwhile, the priest asks Sanji to lift Pudding’s veil and kiss the bride. Everyone present has been waiting for this moment and is anxious to see what will happen in the next few seconds. Pudding already pulls out her gun from behind her back. Sanji lifts the veil and Pudding opens her third eye to scare the ship’s cook. However, he then tells her something she had never heard before. Namely, how beautiful he thinks her eye is. Pudding then drops her gun and tears come to her eyes. She can’t believe anyone, especially Sanji, would say something like that about her eye. She remembers her mother assuring her that Sanji would surely freeze and tremble in disgust and fear. Pudding tries to hold back the tears and falls to her knees. Since the day she was born not one person has ever complimented her on her eye, everyone just said how hideous it was. Downstairs, meanwhile, Big Mom wonders what’s going on up there at the altar and why Pudding didn’t pull the trigger. Pudding, meanwhile, is reminiscing about her childhood.

Flashback: Big Mom tells her little girl that she couldn’t stand the sight of her eye. It would be way too ugly, which is why Pudding is supposed to cover it when she wants to talk to her. People on the street called her a freak and a freak, while other kids teased her and called her a monster. She never had any friends, everyone just made fun of her or ran away from her. Eventually enough was enough for Pudding in her despair, so she developed her violent, vicious personality and went after others with a knife should they make fun of her again.

Present: Pudding can’t calm down and thinks Sanji must have been making fun of her, but still the ship’s cook seems worried about her. Big Mom, meanwhile, signals for the priest to fire now. However, Katakuri anticipates that Sanji will dodge the shot, which will then go into the crowd. To prevent this, Katakuri shoots a jelly bean at the priest, who then fires into the air. Bege hopes that the Straw Hats have heard the shot and spring into action. Big Mom in turn asks Katakuri what’s going on, to which he explains that they’re in a situation he can’t avert because they’re going to come out of the cake. Big Mom doesn’t understand what he means when suddenly a tremor is heard and a dozen Luffys pop out of the wedding cake. The guests run away in a panic while Big Mom can’t believe what happened to her wedding cake.

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