One Piece Episode 831


Sanji and Pudding are once again informed by the priest about the wedding ceremony.

Whole Cake Chateau, rooftop, entrance to tea party: Luffy opens a hatch from Bege’s body to let him know that all preparations are complete. Bege immediately closes the hatch so as not to cause a stir, but the Straw Hat Captain plays around with Bege’s body from the inside, opening more and more windows and hatches until Nami first knocks some sense into him. Vito, meanwhile, peeks over the wall to catch a glimpse of the guests. He’s all excited to see his idol Judge and the president of his favorite newspaper having a conversation. But he also finds the other guests interesting: the first son of Big Mom Perospero, her first daughter Compote and Minister of Fruit, the second son and one of the three commanders Katakuri as well as his brothers, the third son Oven and the fourth Daifuku and the 14th daughter and also one of the three commanders Smoothie. The thought of making all these monsters their enemies in one fell swoop already makes the Fire Tank Pirates’s advisor a bit nervous.

Tea Party: Some soldiers join in and walk right up to Big Mom’s table where they place the picture of her beloved mother Carmel. Big Mom is happy to see the picture and thus Carmel’s face in front of her that warms her heart. A guest attending one of Big Mom’s tea parties for the first time asks Big Mom what her relationship is with Carmel, to which Big Mom gets angry and makes him swoon with her king shaki.

Kitchen: Some members of the Fire Tank pirate gang have disguised themselves as cooks and infiltrated the kitchen. The real cooks are celebrating getting the job done, so they don’t notice the fake cooks sneaking around and hanging horned Den-den Mushis to jam radio signals. When the fake cooks go to prepare something else, they are found by a drunk cook. The latter doesn’t recognize them and also finds it suspicious where they are going. When he goes to report this, he runs into Vito and Gotti. Not knowing that they belong to the fake cooks, he tells them everything, whereupon Gotti silences the cook.

Tea Party: Meanwhile, Du Feld, Stussy and some other guests deliver their wedding gifts to Big Mom, which are all locked and filled treasure chests, since Big Mom likes those the best. Meanwhile, Morgans heard that Big Mom also got another special treasure chest. Big Mom confirms this and presents the Tamatebako from Neptune’s possession. She hasn’t looked inside yet and doesn’t want to until after the wedding ceremony, while all the other gifts are opened.

Entrance to the tea party: Bege lets Caesar out to hide the mirror and explains the escape plan again. The door to the tea party, which is a homie, has overheard that Bege is planning something. However, before she can share any information, her face is cut out and sliced up by Gotti. Bege asks Caesar if Luffy is doing some nonsense in his body again. When Caesar tells him to go see for himself, Bege can’t believe it. All of the Straw Hats except for Jinbe have fallen asleep. Jinbe explains that they haven’t gotten to it yet, so they want to take advantage of the time, but he would wake them up ten minutes before it starts. Outside of his body, Bege tells Caesar to go back inside him to get ready. He himself would now go to the celebration as well and once there would be no turning back.

Sanji and Pudding, on the other hand, are waiting for the ceremony to begin. Sanji has to constantly remind himself that Pudding wants to shoot him and doesn’t really have feelings for him, which is hard for the love-struck chef to do while sitting next to his beautiful bride. In fact, when he tries to have a conversation and mentions the wedding kiss, his nose bleeds so badly again that he flies into the ceiling and passes out, which upsets Pudding a lot inside and makes her wish she could kill Sanji right then and there.

Tea Party: Bege observes the guests as he enters the tea party. He meets Perospero, who asks him to be extra vigilant on such a day. Meanwhile, Judge toasts with Big Mom to the joining of their families. Inside Bege, almost all the Straw Hats have woken up from their nap by now, with only Luffy still dozing off.

Sanji has since changed clothes and is asked to head to the roof with Pudding now.

Tea party: After a small fireworks display and a speech, Zeus flies the bride and groom to the tea party, where they are greeted by the guests. The wedding has thus begun.

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