One Piece Episode 829


Fortress of the Fire Tank Pirates: Luffy agrees to be the bait and draw attention to himself during the celebration. The straw-hatted captain happily announces that he’s already come up with the perfect idea for his act, too. Bege asks if they also know when Carmel’s painting is to be destroyed. Luffy guesses during the wedding, when Sanji and Pudding kiss. However, Sanji and Brook explain that Pudding will then pull out a gun instead. Since Sanji now knows about this, he will dodge the shot, which will in turn be the signal for Luffy. Bege recaps: Once Sanji escapes Pudding’s shot, Luffy will break the image, which will make Big Mom yelp. The Fire Tank and Straw Hat gang will be shielded from the scream by earplugs while the rest of the guests collapse and Bege will then fire the killing shot at Big Mom. This must be done within ten seconds and they must escape immediately or this will be the end of them. Jinbe asks about the escape plan, to which Bege explains that in that case Caesar will help them out. Caesar will fly to them with a mirror by which they will escape, using Brûlée’s powers. After that, the gas man will fly away as far as possible. In the mirror world, they will again go to a mirror that will take them directly to the Thousand Sunny (the one in the Sunny’s women’s room). Once both crews are on their respective ships, they will disappear from the island and the alliance between them will be over. Bege wishes them good luck in their execution. With two and a half hours left, everyone wants to start getting ready and Sanji wants to go back to his room. Luffy still wants to ask Bege for a favor for his performance.

City: Mont d’Or, Galette as well as some soldiers find the lifeless body of Bobbin. Angrily, Mont d’Or asks who did this, wondering if it could have been the Straw Hats. Galette doubts this, since Opera said he burned Luffy and Nami because they wouldn’t talk. Mont d’Or, however, remains skeptical of this statement. When he hears someone claim to have seen Sanji that night, he heads to the chateau to check it out.

Chateau: Mont d’Or asks the soldiers outside Sanji’s door if anyone came out at night, which they deny. Mont d’Or then bangs on the door for Sanji to come out. After a few minutes, he opens the door to find Sanji in his room. When asked if he went out at night, Sanji gives him a cold no. However, Mont d’Or doesn’t trust the chef and wants to see how he reacts to some specific information. With a sardonic grin, he tells Sanji that Luffy and Nami were killed. Sanji startles, but tries to compose himself right after. The reaction was normal, to which Mont d’Or adds that he doesn’t believe it and thinks the Straw Hat and Sanji are plotting something. Sanji counters that he is the Prince of Germa and would not be interested in any lowly pirates. Further, today would be his wedding day and if Mont d’Or keeps him from preparing for it any longer, Big Mom would surely get angry. Since Sanji is right, Mont d’Or will have to back off for now.

Totto Land: On Cheese, Nuts and Cacao the inhabitants celebrate, because of the wedding it is a holiday.

Whole Cake Island, Chateau: The Vinsmoke family is already preparing for the wedding and getting dressed. However, a scream can be heard coming from Big Mom on the upper floors of the chateau. The soldiers go to see what’s going on. Crying, Big Mom explains that her trapped skeleton has stopped moving and is probably dead. Zeus and Prometheus immediately try to cheer her up and remind her that today is the celebration and she can eat her beloved wedding cake. Big Mom immediately forgets about the skeleton she thought was Brook and immediately feels much better.

Coast: The Sun Pirates has tied Pekoms to a rock and left him food and water, someone should find him soon. Aladine explains that they will be leaving Totto Land and thus leaving the Big Mom pirate gang, which leaves Pekoms both horrified and furious. Aladine then recalls a conversation he had with Jinbe before he went off to help Luffy.

Flashback: Jinbe explains to his crew that the information they have from Pekoms is very valuable. Jinbe can figure that Luffy surely wants to save Sanji and must help him do so. However, if he does so, it will be a rebellion. He originally intended to part ways with Big Mom peacefully. However, when he saw the numbers on the roulette wheel, he backed out, as they did not represent the years of life he will lose, but the comrades who will share his fate. Jinbe therefore wants his crew to leave at dawn and leave Totto Land so that they will be safe and not succumb to the wrath of the Big Mom pirate gang. Aladine, however, worries that Jinbe might die in the process. However, Jinbe counters that if he joins Luffy, he will later put his life on the line for his captain in any battle, so it makes no difference to start sooner or later. Aladine understands, but Jinbe should still think about survival himself. He explains that they will return to Fish-Man Island to save it from a possible vendetta by Big Mom. Aladine knows that Jinbe would only worry if he didn’t. Jinbe thanks his old friend and they promise to meet again.

Present, Whole Cake Island Chateau: The Vinsmoke family goes to the roof of the chateau where the wedding is to be celebrated. Reiju joins them, but hides the events of last night from her brothers, saying she went to another room last night because she didn’t want to party into the night. Niji wonders if Sanji got cold feet and fled during the night, to which some soldiers explain that Sanji and Pudding are still getting ready. Reiju then wonders what Sanji is planning and why he didn’t escape like she told him to.

Pudding’s Room: At the thought of immediately dodging Sanji’s blood and taking away everyone’s memories after the murder of the Vinsmoke family so she can play innocent again, Pudding is pretty annoyed.

Meanwhile, Big Mom also sets out to greet her guests.

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