One Piece Episode 828


Fire Tank Pirates Fortress, Conference Room: The Fire Tank Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates are silent for a while, until Bege says that the Straw Hats are pretty annoying and that taking them down here and now would be an easy task for him. Sanji then asks him if he’s really so sure about that. If something happens to Sanji or he’s not back at the Chateau in two hours, it looks suspicious, which is why the wedding is called off and Bege loses his chance to double-cross Big Mom. Luffy notices Caesar sitting to Bege’s left with a different hairstyle and clothing. However, the latter denies being Caesar and claims to be Bege’s brother Gastino, which Luffy immediately believes, to Nami’s shock. Nami has to admonish her captain not to be so naive and explains that it really is Caesar.

Flashback, a few hours ago in Caesar’s lab: Caesar can’t make the drug that turns people into giants and has started drinking out of frustration when suddenly someone blasts open the door. It’s Bege, who explains that he’s been tasked with overseeing Caesar and now has his heart as well. Bege goes on to explain that he would get him out of here if he helped him. Caesar is later in the fortress making special weapons for Bege, which he says is also much easier for him. Vito joins them to survey the progress. Further, he explains that the Straw Hats are about to come by and Caesar should attend the meeting. Caesar is far from enthusiastic, as in his experience the Straw Hats only mean bad luck for him, so he tries to disguise himself.

Present: Bege doesn’t want to waste any more time and asks the Straw Hat directly if he wants to join him or not. Luffy wants to punch him first, as revenge for trying to kill Pekoms multiple times. However, he is stopped by Jinbe. The latter is able to calm everyone down when he asks them if they like Big Mom and they all answer in the negative. He thus shows that they agree on one thing and thus should work together to achieve their goal. They could always kill each other afterwards. Luffy accepts and wants to hear the plan.

Meanwhile, at the port of Whole Cake Island, more guests have arrived for the wedding. The soldiers recognize the six people as the rulers of the underworld.

Fortress of the Fire Tank Pirates: Sanji asks Bege if it’s even possible to make an attempt on Big Mom’s life, since she doesn’t seem like the type of person to die from a gun or knife in the back. She seems more like a massive balloon of steel to Sanji. Brook in himself also finds the timing, during a celebration with all the officers of their pirate gang, exceedingly questionable. Bege figured the questions would come and wants to explain. Their attack will work under certain conditions, but only within a five second window of time. The weapons they use are rocket launchers created by Caesar, the KX launchers, which contain a deadly poison. Caesar has agreed to manufacture these in exchange for his freedom from Bege. However, if they fire them when Big Mom is still at full strength, they would only bounce off her skin. Brook can confirm this, having had a similar experience in his fight with Big Mom. Therefore, two conditions must be met before the missile launchers can be fired. First, they must fire them from a spot where they have a clear field of fire for five seconds without any of the officers interfering, and second, Big Mom must be weakened right now. The best time to meet both requirements is at the tea party or wedding reception. Bege then explains the reason. He himself has seen Big Mom get hit by pistol and cannonballs without sustaining any injuries. She had even single-handedly sunk a ship and not gotten a scratch. However, when a waiter knocked over a picture of a mother Carmel at a tea party some time ago, Bege witnessed something. Carmel is a woman who was very important to Big Mom, why even her children don’t know. However, she is said to have disappeared one day, which is why the Empress always keeps a place for her where she puts her picture. However, when this was accidentally knocked over once, it seemed to have caused a trauma to Big Mom. She turned pale, screamed so loudly and agonizingly that many fainted from it alone. On top of that, Big Mom still unconsciously released her King Shaki, until then collapsed herself, busting her knee on the ground in the process. This was the first injury that Bege noticed on her, meaning that Big Mom was weakened at that moment. That’s why he plans on breaking that photo of Carmel during the celebration, so Big Mom will fall back into her weakened state. However, in order to really make sure Bege can attack her then, someone has to draw attention to themselves, which is almost a death sentence with the number of officers and commanders of the Big Mom pirates in attendance. Still, Luffy agrees to take on this role. There are three hours left before the wedding begins.

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