One Piece Episode 827


Mirror World/ Sanji & Luffy’s Meeting Place: Jinbe had suggested that Luffy settle the current dispute with Bege and support him in his plan to take down Big Mom. Because of Sanji’s kidnapping and the attacks against Pekoms, Luffy doesn’t like Bege very much, but considering the situation, he currently has to agree with Jinbe. Jinbe has already thought of this and arranged a meeting before coming to the Straw Hats. However, he still tells Luffy that after hearing the plan, he can still say no. Luffy wants to meet Bege as soon as possible and asks for his position.

Northwest of Whole Cake Island, base of the Fire Tank pirate gang: Bege asks Vito if he killed Bobbin, which he confirms, since the latter was after Sanji and the Germas are his heroes after all. Gotti still isn’t sure about the collaboration with the Straw Hats. However, Bege thinks that Jinbe is already right and currently it’s not good to make more enemies by messing with one of the Four Emperors. However, if the Straw Hat says something he dislikes, they would just kill him.

Whole Cake Chateau: Chef Streusen, the head chef of the Big Mom pirate gang, prepares the wedding cake for Big Mom with several other chefs.

Coast: Pekoms is being taken care of by the Sun Pirates. Pekoms asks if Jinbe really warned Big Mom about Bege, which Aladine and the rest confirm. They try to get him to rest rather than go to Big Mom, lest he find out that Jinbe is actually planning to support Bege. Pekoms finds the crew’s behavior very strange, so he tries to figure something out anyway.

Fire Tank Pirates Base: Luffy and Sanji arrive at the entrance, where they are greeted by Vito. When they ask him if their friends are already there, they are shortly joined by Chopper, who is overjoyed to greet Sanji. Vito then asks Luffy and Sanji to take a bath as well, as Chopper just did, since his captain doesn’t welcome anyone who is dirty.

Women’s Bath: Nami and Carrot are also taking a bath and shower, respectively, while Nami tells Chiffon how she met Lola and how they became friends. Chiffon is glad to hear that her twin sister is doing well. Nami asks if Lola really should have run away from a wedding because that doesn’t really suit her. Chiffon explains that this is true and was a pretty big incident. She explains that Big Mom is hated by all the giants for a specific reason. She also says that this is the reason why there are no giants in Totto Land. But one day, Lola received a proposal from the prince of Elbaf’s giants, Loki. Big Mom was overjoyed. Not only would the marriage have settled the dispute with the giants, she would have continued to have access to the strongest army in the world. But Lola ran away. Chiffon was supposed to take her place, but Loki saw the deception and the giants’ hatred towards Big Mom only increased. Big Mom then gave up on making peace with the giants, hoping to find a way to artificially create giants in Caesar Clown’s research. Further, she declared Lola a criminal of the Deadlands. If she came back here, she would be killed immediately. To make matters worse, Chiffon had since been physically abused by her mother because she looked just like Lola and Big Mom couldn’t stand the sight of her. Every day since then, Chiffon has had fresh wounds, which is why she can only think of Big Mom as a monster and no longer her mother. When Bege started planning an assassination attempt on her, Chiffon felt nothing in that regard either. Lola, of course, knows nothing of all this and has always been a happy and carefree person, which is probably why she doesn’t think about her own mother trying to take her life.

Man Bath: Luffy and Brook have just finished when Brook discovers a refrigerator with two cartons of milk. Both Brook and Luffy drink these to help heal Luffy’s broken tooth and Brook’s tear on his eye socket. Vito then joins them so they can put on appropriate clothing in the next room. After Brook and Chopper are done, Luffy goofs around some more, at which point Sanji is about to leave and runs into Nami in the hallway. She slowly walks past him with a cold stare, but says that this is his last chance and as soon as he’s back, she’ll make him feel it.

The bound Charlotte Brûlée tries to appeal to Chiffon to stop the plot against Big Mom, but Chiffon counters if she has forgotten what her mother did to her. The only family that matters to Chiffon anymore is Bege, Petz, and Lola. Luffy is now also finished dressing and joins Bege and his friends in the room where the meeting is to be held. At one half of the table sits the Fire Tank pirate gang, at the other the Straw Hat gang. Bege, however, is the last to enter the room. They have three and a half hours until the wedding, which is why he wants to start the meeting.

Whole Cake Island Chateau: Another guest arrives at the Chateau and this time it’s Big Mom’s fourth son, Charlotte Oven. This one also uses his gate skills and simply walks through it. It turns out that it melted at mere physical contact with him.


  • The song Streusen sings with his chefs at the beginning of the episode is called “Non Sugar Life.”
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