One Piece Episode 825


Flashback, a few minutes before Sanji arrives at the rendezvous point: Luffy and Counter charge towards each other for a final exchange of blows. Both don’t give a damn and keep hitting each other, with Counter wondering where Luffy is still getting this strength from. However, after one final exchange of blows, Luffy seems to collapse. Counter thinks he is victorious when he himself passes out shortly after. Luffy then uses the last bit of strength he has and drags himself to the fallen King Tree to wait for Sanji.

Present: Sanji doesn’t dare go near Luffy at first when he sees how haggard and worn out his captain looks because of him. However, when Luffy smells the food from Sanji’s basket, he comes around and greets his ship’s cook. The latter hands him the food basket and says that Luffy shouldn’t be so selfish and make such promises – about going on a hunger strike – without checking with others. Luffy smiles and says that it worked after all, Sanji is here again. Sanji then turns his back on him and says he should finally take the food. Luffy opens the wicker basket, which is soggy and full of holes from the rain, and takes out the food, which didn’t survive the transport too well either. Sanji explains that it fell down and the rain was too heavy, which is why the food is now just another failure of his. But Luffy doesn’t care, he eats it with complete gusto and even realizes that Sanji made every single straw hat’s favorite meal. Despite its horrible appearance, Luffy eats it and keeps declaring how delicious it would taste. After Luffy finishes, Sanji says it’s time to finally get off the island now. However, he himself would stay. Luffy asks why he still doesn’t want to come. Sanji then gives him three reasons.

First, he insulted his crew and attacked and injured his captain with full force. Second, the baratié where he grew up, with all the cooks there, has been taken hostage. So if he wasn’t there for the wedding tomorrow, something would happen to his old friends, whom he sees as his real family. Third, unbeknownst to him, his biological family has fallen into a trap set by Big Mom and will be murdered in a matter of hours. He hates his father and brothers, but still, he can’t turn his back on them so easily. Therefore, he cannot return to the Straw Hats and Luffy should leave now. Enraged, Luffy then appears in front of him and slams him full force into King tree. As Sanji tries to get back up, Luffy yells at him to tell him honestly what he really wants. In tears, Sanji remembers all the good times with the Straw Hats and declares that he wants to go back on the Sunny. However, he just wouldn’t have the courage to run away. Once the wedding starts, he knows he’ll be completely powerless to stop anything on his own and even though he doesn’t see them as his family, Sanji wants to save the other Vinsmokes. The rain has stopped and Luffy then smiles and says that this is normal for Sanji since this is who he is.

Whole Cake Chateau: A tall man in a coat has come to the gates of the chateau. A servant is surprised that no one is at the gate and wants to get someone to open the gates, but the man explains that this is not necessary as the gates are about to open. Just as the man predicted, it does happen. The man himself is the second son of Big Mom Charlotte Katakuri and one of the three candy commanders of Big Mom’s pirate gang.

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