One Piece Episode 824


Whole Cake Island, City: It has started to rain heavily, but Sanji runs through the streets to reach the meeting point. However, he does not notice that he is being pursued by Bobbin, who is out for revenge. But Bobbin, in his rage, also doesn’t notice that he has a pursuer who already has a gun out.

Meeting point: Counter kicks Luffy, but he tries to fight back and gets up again. However, Luffy is now so weakened by his previous fights and his hunger that he can barely stay on his feet, let alone hit his opponent with his punches. Counter notices Luffy’s condition, but it doesn’t stop him from beating Luffy mercilessly.

Mirror World: Brook is surprised to see everyone in such a world again. Pedro apologizes to Brook for putting him in such danger. But Brook doesn’t want to hear about it, thinking Pedro risked more for them and was in the right to take this chance. Casually, Brook gives Nami three folded papers that he hid in his skull. When she unfolds them, she sees that they are the copies of the Poneglyph. Brook explains that he was able to make them before Big Mom stormed into the room, which does shock everyone a bit. Still, they are happy that the mission was a success.

Meeting place: Sanji has almost reached the place and gives one more full throttle. Luffy and Counter, meanwhile, prepare for the final exchange of blows and charge at each other. Minutes later, Sanji arrives at the battlefield, which is crowded with several unconscious Chess soldiers.

Mirror World: The mirrors explain that none of them would see Luffy and Sanji. Nami assumes to know where both of them are and explains that the two of them had a fight in the morning out in the field. Jinbe was going to tell this when everyone was there, but since time is running out, he wants to explain to the Straw Hats now that tomorrow’s wedding would not be a peaceful one. He asks them if they would remember Pekoms they came here with. The Straw Hats confirm this and Jinbe explains that Pekoms got caught up in someone else’s plans and Jinbe had to save him before he became shark food. The one who wanted to kill Pekoms was none other than Capone.

City: Bobbin, meanwhile, is the victim of an assassination attempt – carried out by Vito.

Chateau: In a bar, Vinsmoke Judge and his three sons look forward to tomorrow, when the Germa and Big Mom will work together. This would be the first step in being able to take revenge on the kingdoms of the Northblue and reoccupy them. He also never dreamed that his biggest failure could be of use to Sanji after all.

Meeting Place: Sanji walks through the battlefield, but still hasn’t found Luffy yet. He remembers his fight with Luffy, the Army of Wrath being sent after Luffy, and how Nami told him that Luffy had already fought a commander before his fight with him. Sanji fears the worst and frantically runs across the battlefield. He examines one prone combatant after another, but none are Luffy. Sanji’s ears echo with Luffy’s words that he would starve to death if Sanji did not return. He calls out to his captain, but receives no reply. Suddenly, however, he hears a loud stomach growl. He heads in the direction the noise came from and finds an exhausted Luffy leaning against the remains of King BOhm.

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