One Piece Episode 822


Whole Cake Island, City: Luffy, by now severely weakened by his battles and his hunger, tries to orientate himself in which direction the meeting point lies and jumps for it on the roof of a house. When he sees the defeated King Baum on the horizon, he knows where to go. However, he keeps getting attacked by two chess soldiers who want to capture him. When Luffy has had enough, he counterattacks.

Mirror World: Brûlée comes to and notices Jinbe. She asks him what this means, since he refused to use the roulette for his freedom. Jinbe explains that he never agreed to continue working for Big Mom, only to not spin the roulette because he felt the threat of death from it. Pedro explains that this was a wise decision and explains what happened to his friend Zepo back then when he spun it. No matter what you spun in Big Mom’s roulette, it would always end in your own death. Not having much time, the group sets out to find the rest of their friends.

9th floor, Big Mom’s room: Big Mom has tied Brook’s arms and legs together and given him a scrap of cloth to wear. She plans to keep her newest, rare creature with her at all times from now on, like a keychain. Prometheus, meanwhile, complains that Brook’s attack gave him a bigger and deeper cut than he thought after all, to which Big Mom only finds him more interesting. Pudding is also in the room, telling her mother about the meeting with Reiju. She explains that the latter was snooping around, but Pudding immediately took that as an opportunity to test out her new gun. Shortly after, however, she says she also erased all of Reiju’s memories of it. Brook can’t believe what he’s hearing, whereupon Big Mom compliments her daughter on a job well done. She also thinks Pudding did a first-rate job of trapping the Straw Hats, even if she herself didn’t think they could escape temptation from the forest. Big Mom goes over the plan again with Pudding: During the ceremony tomorrow, when Pudding lifts her veil and reveals her third eye, she is to kill the frightened and confused Sanji with a shot to the head. This would be followed by all the other members of the family targeting the unarmed members of the Vinsmoke family and killing them all.

3rd Floor: Soldiers hear snoring from Sanji’s room and believe it is coming from Sanji himself, whereupon they take a stand and make sure he doesn’t escape at night. What they don’t know is that it’s just a guard sleeping in Sanji’s bed who should have been watching over him.

Conference Room: The remaining members of the pirate gang are discussing the current situation. Charlotte Mont d’Or recaps that the Straw Hats plan to free Sanji. However, according to Count Huhn, Pedro would have blown himself up and Brook was captured by Big Mom. Brûlée reported a few hours ago that she had captured Chopper and Carrot herself, leaving only Luffy and Nami. They were supposed to have locked them up in the prison library, but rumors got out that they had escaped. Mont d’Or asks his brother Opera if this is true. The latter lies that they did not tell him about Lola, whereupon he would have burned her in anger. He can’t tell his siblings the truth that he wasn’t up to his task and failed, because he knows Big Mom would kill him for it. In that case, Mont d’Or thinks they would have taken care of all the intruders and could go through with their mother’s plan tomorrow without worry. After everyone leaves, Mont d’Or gives orders to some chess soldiers to double the guards tomorrow, since he doesn’t trust Opera.

City: Luffy fights the two Chess Soldiers, who have been assisted by two members of Big Mom’s crew. Luffy has to summon the last bit of strength he has left to defeat his four opponents. He collapses shortly after, but forces himself to get back up and walk back to the meeting place.

Chateau, 3rd floor, hallway: Sanji is sitting on a bench, still thinking about what to do. He looks at the lunchbox he made for Pudding and notices that it’s filled with everything that actually his friends from the Straw Hats prefer. He puts the food back in the basket he had with him when Bobbin joins them. Sanji is lost in thought and still can’t forgive himself for the fight with his captain, so he decides to die with his family at the wedding. However, when he then notices that Bobbin has taken the meat from the basket, he remembers Luffy’s words that he would starve to death if Sanji didn’t come back. Instinctively, the chef attacks Bobbin and throws him into the nearest wall with a kick to get the meat back. When Sanji realizes what he just did, he gets scared, grabs the food and runs away.

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