One Piece Episode 821


3rd floor, courtyard: After Pedro ignited a large stick of dynamite, an explosion occurred. Count Chicken (Baron Tamago’s final evolutionary stage) and a few henchmen survived the explosion and are just coming to. Chicken can’t believe Pedro went so far as to blow himself up, as nothing can be found of him. He orders the rest of the henchmen to take the injured to the infirmary, since they’re done here. No one notices a broken mirror nearby.

Mirror World: Chopper and Carrot saved Pedro at the last moment before the mirror broke. The Jaguar Mink saw the two of them during the fight against Baron Tamago, so he came up with his idea of the explosion. As everyone ran away from the dynamite, Pedro then took the opportunity, with Chopper and Carrot’s help, to run to safety in the mirror. They asked Pedro about the current state of affairs, to which he told them that he heard that Nami and Luffy had been captured and Brook was now trying to get a copy of the Poneglyph on his own. Carrot made a drawing of them all and shows it to the mirrors, with one mirror stating that he saw them together with Jinbe.

Floor 2: Luffy is still running through the corridors and stairs looking for Sanji while defeating the enemy forces. However, at this moment, another opponent named Charlotte Cabaletta appears, seeking revenge for his big brother Cadenza. To Luffy’s surprise, this opponent is not only strong, but also, for his build, extremely fast, allowing him to keep up with Luffy’s Gear 2. However, a moment of carelessness was enough for him to then put Luffy in a headlock just as he did to Cabaletta’s brother earlier. However, when Cabaletta begins to speak ill of Sanji, it raises Luffy’s ire, whereupon the Rubber Man breaks free of the headlock and finishes Cabaletta off with a Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle. Cabaletta’s henchmen are then greatly intimidated by Luffy and don’t dare attack him at all, whereupon Luffy runs on again. Although his hunger is getting to him, Luffy continues to search for Sanji and reaches the 3rd floor.

1st floor: Jinbe and Nami run through the corridors looking for an exit, while at the same time trying to shake off their pursuers. When they run into a dead end, a corridor full of mirrors, Nami wants to take care of the pursuers and attacks them with her lightning bolts. However, she doesn’t notice that Chopper was among the pursuers to save her, which is why he gets hit as well. Through another mirror, Carrot appears and tells Nami that she and Jinbe should join her in the mirror.

Floor 3: Luffy is running through the corridors, still pursued by a squad of Big Mom’s henchmen, when suddenly someone pulls him into a hospital room. It was Reiju, who explains to him that Sanji was here just a short while ago. Luffy explains to her that Pudding was just lying to Sanji, to which Reiju explains that she found that out recently as well. After this explanation, Luffy is satisfied since Sanji knows. He then wants to make his way back to the point where he promised to wait and jumps out the window.

Elsewhere, Sanji sits on a bench, his recent events running through his mind once more. How he was blackmailed into coming here, how he was betrayed and what he had done and said to his friends. Sanji no longer believes he has the right to return to the Straw Hats.

Meanwhile, Luffy has crash-landed in a house and makes his way to the meeting point. But new guards and chess soldiers are already in his way.

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