One Piece Episode 820


Whole Cake Chateau, 2nd Floor: Luffy has fought his way from the basement prison library to here in his search for Sanji. However, Big Mom’s troops are trying everything to stop him. But of course, the foot soldiers are no match for the rubber man, whereupon Charlotte Cadenza gets in his way. Luffy has a score to settle with this one and immediately goes into Gear 2.

3rd floor, sickroom: Reiju asks her brother what he is still thinking about. He should turn his back on the Germa for good. The family aspires to long-forgotten glory and stands only for destruction. No one would miss them if they disappeared from the world. Once Big Mom has the Germa’s technology, she probably doesn’t care about Sanji’s mentor Zeff either, which is why she wouldn’t go after him. The only ones who would endanger the latter’s life would be Judge and Sanji’s brothers, who would all be dead tomorrow. Sanji says he doesn’t care about the lives of his father and brothers, however he doesn’t see why Reiju should die as well. Reiju explains that while she still has some humanity left in her, she has been modified to always follow her father’s orders, which is why there would be a lot of blood on her hands as well.

Inner Courtyard: Pedro has split Baron Tamago in two, but egg yolk actually comes out of the egg-shaped long-legged human, which takes the form of a human chick. Tamago’s troops declare that the latter has just evolved into Viscount Chicks. Chick takes out two daggers and declares that he is now stronger and more skilled than before. Pedro then gets ready for the next round. The two clash again and engage in a fierce exchange.

Basement vaults, treasure chamber: Big Mom takes a liking to Brook more and more, because he doesn’t run away scared, but stands his ground. But against the combined forces of Big Mom, Prometheus and Zeus, Brook seems to lose out. Still, he doesn’t give up and tries one last attack.

3rd floor, courtyard: Kueken’s attacks are indeed much faster than before, yet Pedro manages to parry most of them. Kueken in turn manages to knock Pedro’s sword away. Pedro quickly runs after it, while Kueken tries to pounce on him and give him the final blow. But Pedro is faster in the end and is able to cut his opponent in two again. However, egg yolk comes out of this one again. Tamago’s henchmen declare that he will now evolve into his strongest form, against which even Pedro would stand no chance. Count Chicken, this is the ability from the egg fruit. Pedro doesn’t want to let it get to that and attacks the egg yolk, which the henchmen try to prevent. When they get close enough, Pedro rethinks his tactics and packs away his sword. In exchange, he takes out a chain of dynamite and plans to blow himself and everyone around him up. His enemies try to escape, but it’s already too late and there’s an explosion that sweeps everyone away.

Floor 2: Meanwhile, Luffy and Cadenza are still fighting their own battle. Both are fighting each other with haki and neither punch seems to really hurt the other. Luffy then sneaks up from behind and chokes Cadenza to tell him where Sanji is.

Basement Vault, Treasury: Brook’s attack was ultimately powerless against Big Mom’s thick skin. The latter then smashes the skeleton across the room, whereupon Zeus and Prometheus finish him off. Outside the treasure room, Smoothie learns of Jinbe’s betrayal, but orders Big Mom to say nothing about it before taking her anger out on everyone and everything. She continues to give permission to kill the fugitives rather than capture them if it would be easier. Big Mom, meanwhile, has relieved Brook of some of his clothing. The soldiers search Brook’s things to see if he managed to steal anything, however they find nothing. Big Mom then pats Brook’s head like he’s a lost pet and explains that while he’s kind of the natural enemy of her homies, he didn’t stand a chance against Prometheus, Zeus, and Napoleon. After all, there’s a piece of Big Mom’s own soul in all three of them, which is why they were too strong for his attacks. She continues to be glad that Brook didn’t make a copy of the Poneglyph. She wouldn’t make the same mistake again as she did with Gol D. Roger, who with his ability was able to hear the voice of all things and thus figured out what was on the Poneglyph. This time, they would have someone of their own who might have such an ability, which is why the Big Mom pirate gang would be the next to reach Laugh Tale. At that moment, Pudding joins them and Big Mom immediately asks her if her third eye ability has awakened in her. Pudding is annoyed by this greeting, as her mother always asks her this whenever they meet. She answers in the negative, explaining that she can’t guarantee she has that ability either, since she’s only half part of the 3-eyed tribe. Big Mom apologizes for the rude question to her daughter, but explains that she should still make an effort to learn the ability, otherwise she’s just an ugly three-eyed freak. Pudding falls silent for a moment and then asks her mother to continue the conversation elsewhere.

Floor 2: Luffy continues to try to find out where Sanji is from Cadenza, but he chokes him too hard, causing him to faint. His henchmen want revenge on Luffy and charge at him, who is already counterattacking.

3rd floor, hospital room: Reiju continues to explain to Sanji that before she put the bracelets on Sanji back then, she secretly changed them and Sanji is currently wearing ordinary bracelets that won’t explode if he tries to run away. With that, Sanji would have no reason to stay anymore. He should therefore think carefully about what is really important to him, because he will certainly not meet such good friends a second time in his life.

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