One Piece Episode 819


Sickbay: After a doctor has treated Reiju, he says that she will have to spend the night here, but that she will be able to attend the celebration tomorrow. The doctor then leaves the ward to go to sleep. Sanji comes to the ward shortly after, knocks out the guard, and goes to see his sister. When Reiju awakens and Sanji sees that she is injured, he asks if she remembers how it happened. Reiju says she was running around the castle and got caught in the crossfire of soldiers trying to stop intruders. Sanji explains that those memories are false and her true ones have been overwritten. He tells her what really happened.

Prison Library: Jinbe tries to smash Luffy and Nami’s cell with his powers, but it doesn’t work. Since the cell is actually a big book, he gets another idea and wants to burn the cell with a torch. Nami is against this, as they run the risk of perishing in the fire, but this seems to be the only way at the moment. Jinbe throws a torch at the book, whereupon it catches fire and the cell bars slowly burn as well as Luffy and Nami’s pins. After Luffy is free, he jumps out of the book at the last second with Nami. Some other prisoners who were in the book also jump out burning, after which Jinbe extinguishes them with a bucket of cleaning water. Since Nami’s clothes are almost completely burned, she takes the clothes from another prisoner who is currently unconscious. While doing so, Nami asks Jinbe what he’s doing here, to which he explains that his band of Sun Pirates are actually allies of Big Mom, but that he has now broken off that alliance. Luffy thanks his old friend and heads off to find Sanji to warn him about Pudding. Jinbe, meanwhile, is told to watch out for Nami. Nami is against Luffy walking around the castle alone, as he hasn’t regained all his strength yet, but the Straw Hat Captain is already on his way again.

Infirmary: After Sanji recounts what happened, he asks Reiju if she believes him, which she does. She never thought Pudding was insidious to such a degree, though. She explains she had suspicions about Pudding because no one could be that perfect, which is why she wanted to spy on her. Sanji, meanwhile, realizes that Big Mom’s promise to him that the Straw Hats could get off the island in peace was just hot air. He hopes that his sacrifice would fix everything, but realizes that was a naive thought. Reiju explains that her father is normally a smart man, but was too arrogant in this situation, which is probably why he missed the obvious trap. However, Reiju feels that this is a good thing. It’s in her best interest to see the Kingdom of Germa finally meet its demise. She wants Sanji and herself to keep quiet about Big Mom’s plan in front of the rest of her family. Sanji feels this is insane, as it means Reiju is walking straight to her doom. While his sister appreciates their concern, she feels it would be better if Sanji thought of himself and escaped with the Straw Hats. When Sanji asks what will happen to his friends from the Baratié then, Reiju replies that nothing will happen to them, as the Vinsmoke family dies tomorrow. Sanji, however, would have to survive, if only for their mother. When Sanji asks what Reiju means, she wants to tell him a secret.

Flashback: Reiju explains that she overheard an argument between her parents. Sora objected to her unborn children being experimented on to turn them into unfeeling, cold-blooded monsters. Judge, on the other hand, didn’t care, as he needed perfect soldiers to take Northblue. Before the operation, however, Sora took a drug to reverse the effect of the operation, though this would in turn severely shorten her own lifespan. In the early years, it almost looked like this would be for naught, as Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji had incredible powers even as infants and could smash massive stone walls. But Sanji, on the other hand, was not interested in such a thing. When Reiju visited her mother in the hospital a few years later, she was cheerful and proudly explained that Sanji had come by to bring her something he had cooked himself. He had also wished for her to get better soon, at which point tears of joy came to her eyes. Again some time later, Sora explained to her daughter that unfortunately she won’t get to see her grow up, yet she doesn’t regret her decision. Today Reiju understands what her mother meant by that, as she was happy and proud of what Sanji had become. Her father, however, was not. On the contrary, after Sora’s death, he blamed Sanji, among others, and let him feel it. He didn’t even let his son grieve over his mother’s death. Later, when Sanji was locked in the dungeon, Reiju visited her mother’s grave and was forced to cry, not knowing what to do. She later helped Sanji escape from Germa. Reiju explains that her mother’s kindness lives on in Sanji, which is why he is not a failure in her eyes and must live on.

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