One Piece Episode 818


Pudding’s room: Pudding has had enough of Reiju’s misery. When she notices that Reiju is about to pass out due to the high blood loss from the gunshot wound, she decides to help her now, as it might look suspicious if Reiju disappears just before the wedding. However, to make sure Reiju doesn’t tell her father, Pudding wants to reveal one last secret to Reiju. She reaches into Reiju’s head and pulls out a roll of film from her. She explains she ate of the memory fruit and can manipulate memories. The film reel she just pulled out contains the memories of the last few hours. From the moment Pudding shot Reiju and brought her back to her room, to the present moment. She removes the memory with a scissor cut and inserts the memory of a shot from one of the chess soldiers in its place. She then puts the memory back, causing Reiju to pass out. Sanji, meanwhile, has left the balcony.

Treasury: Brook has begun his battle against Big Mom. But his efforts to attack her are in vain, as each attack is repelled and countered with either fire or lightning. Brook won’t give up, though, and again tries to release the homies’ souls from their bodies with a rock ballad. However, unlike the Chess Soldiers, this has no effect on them. Big Mom, however, now finds Brook even more interesting and wants to possess him all the more. In the end, Brook is powerless against the elemental forces of Prometheus and Zeus. He wants to take advantage of a moment of inattention as they both argue over which of them should now give Brook the coup de grace, and tries to attack Big Mom directly once more, but is then pushed back by Napoleon, who turned into a sword. Big Mom now wants to collect Brook, but he gets up again to get the copy of the Poneglyph. Big Mom asks him why he isn’t here for Sanji as well. Brook then explains that he knows Sanji and if he decided to sacrifice himself for his friends, he would not deviate from his path. Only their captain could change his mind, which is why Brook doesn’t want to get involved in this situation. However, in the worst case scenario, if Sanji really doesn’t return, he doesn’t want this rescue mission to have been in vain.

Mirror World: Meanwhile, Carrot and Chopper have woken Brûlée up and are torturing her by constantly tickling her to find out where the mirror is that leads to Big Mom’s castle. Brûlée soon can’t take it anymore and explains that she doesn’t know herself because there are too many mirrors. For this reason, they would have to ask the mirrors themselves. Chopper and Carrot try it out and sure enough, some mirrors tell them that they belong to Whole Cake Chateau. But when asked if anyone shows Luffy, Nami, Sanji, Pedro, or Brook, they can’t answer because they don’t know them. Carrot then wants to make some drawings of them.

Prison Library: Meanwhile, Luffy is still trying to pull his arms out. The sound of the arms being stretched further and further even though they’ve already reached their limit really scares Nami, so she asks Luffy to stop. Opera, meanwhile, asks Nami if she could finally tell him where Lola is. When she refuses, he now wants to torture her and takes out a crossbow, declaring that he will fire at her every five seconds if she doesn’t answer him. Before it can come to that, however, someone unexpected walks in. It’s Jinbe. This one knocks Opera out with just one blow, and then turns to Luffy and Nami, who are happy to see their old friend again. Jinbe would like to chat some more, but he wants to free them first.

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