One Piece Episode 817


Prison Library: Luffy continues to try to tear his arms off. Nami notices how thin his arms are already getting at one point and asks the rubber man to stop. However, the Straw Hat Captain doesn’t want to just sit around and wait to be rescued while everything is taken away from them and probably killed by Big Mom afterwards.

Sanji’s Guest Room: Sanji has prepared a packed lunch, but after it’s done, he notices that the portion is way too big and would be more for Luffy, not Pudding. He wants to give it to her anyway, and sets off to meet her in a good mood.

Hallway: Pudding’s door, however, is a homie who has strict instructions not to let Sanji in because Pudding is busy. When Sanji asks the homie to at least give Pudding the packed lunch, the homie refuses again. Sanji doesn’t want to make a scene and then moves away again. He remembers that Pudding has a balcony and wants to get to her via another balcony. It’s pouring rain outside, but the chef doesn’t seem to mind in order to visit his one light of hope. Sanji hears her laughing from a distance and is glad she is in a good mood. He looks through a window and sees that his sister Reiju is with Pudding and the two must be having a conversation. A Third Eye then appears from under Pudding’s bangs and it is revealed that Pudding is laughing at Reiju because she really believed Pudding would love Sanji or even want to marry him. To Pudding, Sanji is nothing more than a lowly insect that she would never marry. Sanji is in shock as he overhears these words from the other side of the window. Pudding explains to Reiju that she is one of her mother’s favorites, mostly because of her remarkable acting talents, which she can use to wrap any man around her finger. Tricking the straw hats would have been a piece of cake for her as well.

Prison Library: Luffy is still trying to pull his arms out and is furious with Pudding. He recalls what Pudding whispered to him and Nami earlier. In doing so, she showed her true colors and stated that she won’t marry Sanji because she will shoot him in the face and kill him in the middle of the ceremony. Furthermore, she told that Nami and Luffy also have no chance to survive as they will be killed after the wedding. Now that Luffy knows that Sanji’s life is in danger, he is determined to save him before it is too late.

Pudding’s Room: Pudding makes fun of Reiju and her family. She explains that Big Mom is only interested in the clone soldiers and Germa 66 technology. The Vinsmoke family itself, she says, is unnecessary. Because of the wedding, Judge has even anchored his entire kingdom. Like a fly that sat on a sticky cake, they would thus have fallen into their trap, as they will all be executed tomorrow during the wedding. She briefly demonstrates how this is to be done by bringing out a revolver. A special model, made to shoot through enemy metal shields. Pudding shoots a perfect hole through her own thick wall to the outside. She explains that these revolvers would make it easy to take down the steel-hard bodies of the Vinsmoke family. Reiju herself would have taken a bullet earlier, with Pudding pointing out Reiju’s leg injury.

Outside on the balcony, Sanji leaned against the wall, clearly broken inside considering the situation.

Pudding, meanwhile, makes fun of Sanji again, playing up to her homies what kind of face he will make when she holds the gun in his face during their wedding vows tomorrow. Reiju is visibly disgusted by Pudding’s behavior and won’t listen to her any longer, whereupon she tells her about Sanji’s proposal. She acts it out and continues to make fun of him about how she could win his heart with a few fake tears. As she and her homies laugh, she wonders who would marry such a miserable mistake.

Sanji has dropped flowers and packed lunch outside and tries to light a cigarette, but it seems impossible due to the rain. The cook’s tears continue to come as his last light of hope now seems to be extinguished.

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