One Piece Episode 816


Whole Cake Island: The islanders are startled when Chopper or Carrot appear in a mirror for a moment at each one, calling out for Sanji and then disappearing again.

Mirror World: Diesel is forced to carry a cart containing Chopper, Carrot and the unconscious Brûlée. They are looking for a mirror that leads to the Chateau.

Prison Library: Luffy has wrapped his arms and body and is now still pulling tightly on the point where his hands are fixed. Nami can’t watch this anymore and asks him to stop, as he’s going to tear his hands off his arms if he keeps this up. However, that is exactly what Luffy’s plan is. He pulls and twists around his arms once again to make sure they snap. He’d rather lose his arms than his life, and sure enough, his rubber body seems to be reaching its limit. But Luffy stumbles, whereupon his arms roll back and he is pulled back against the wall. But the rubber man does not give up and wants to repeat the whole thing.

Castle, Hallway: Reiju continues to try to get away from her attacker and warn someone, but Pudding appears at that moment. She joins Reiju and is shocked when she sees her wound.

Treasury: Big Mom asks Brook what he is doing here, whereupon he explains that he is trying to make a copy of the Road Porn glyph. Big Mom respects her opponent’s honesty and in turn explains that there is no way out for Brook, so he should come down. The musician of the Straw Hats does so with his gun drawn. The Empress finds it quite foolhardy to stand against her and declares that she is not so easily defeated. Brook says he knows this and that he is putting his life on the line, but he has not completed his mission yet, which is why he must defeat Big Mom now. Big Mom gets ready to fight by bringing in Zeus and Prometheus and also tells her hat Napoleon to get ready to fight.

3rd floor, covered backyard: Pedro and Baron Tamago have also gotten ready to fight and are charging at each other. Tamago attacks first with a series of kicks, endlessly spinning around and around. Pedro is able to parry this with his sword, which he has charged electrically. But the Baron explains that he would wear an insulated battle suit especially for such fights and now draws his sword as well. Pedro will not let this stop him from avenging his dead friend.

Flashback, Whole Cake Island: Pedro, then still in possession of his two eyes, and Zepo have just arrived on the island to get the Poneglyphs from Big Mom when they are greeted by an old acquaintance: Pekoms. He is overjoyed to see his old friends again and proudly declares that he is a member of the Big Mom pirate gang. He asks them what they are doing here, to which Pedro says that it is better if Pekoms doesn’t know.

Treasury: Pedro and Zepo have reached the Treasury, but are surrounded by the Chess soldiers. Furthermore, Baron Tamago, who is standing guard, gets in their way. The Baron thinks that they won’t get past him, but Pedro dashes past the guards, gives Tamago an electric shock so that he is paralyzed for a moment and is able to take his left eye with his sword. However, Big Mom appears shortly after.

Present: Pedro and Baron Tamago continue to duel, determined to take more than just an eye from their opponent this time. Tamago explains that whenever he thinks of Pedro, the scar on his left eye makes him itch. Pedro replies that he feels the same way when he thinks of the day he lost his eye.

Flashback, Big Mom’s throne room: Pedro and Zepo look stricken and stand as prisoners before Big Mom, who demands justice for the attempted theft and the loss of Tamago’s eye. She wants them to bring her the roulette, which shocks the Pekoms present. The roulette is brought, which decides whether the victim must sacrifice a body part or a certain number of years of life. It stops at 100 years of life. Zepo is the first to have his soul’s life energy drained, after which he collapses dead. Pedro and Pekoms can’t hold back the tears in the face of their friend’s death. However, Big Mom explains that Zepo had given her just 30 years, as he was already quite old, so the remaining 70 years would have to be paid by Pedro. However, Pekoms begs for the life of Pedro, who is like a big brother to him. Big Mom relents and reduces the sentence to 60 years. She says that’s as low as she can go, since losing Tamago’s eye is a serious crime. Pedro rips out his own left eye shortly after and asks if she could possibly reduce the sentence now after all. He explains he can’t afford to die here, as he wants to witness the beginning of a new world. Big Mom is impressed and reduces again to 50 years.

Present: The fight between Pedro and Tamago is getting more intense and the Jaguar Mink is taking quite a beating. After a fierce kick from Tamago, Pedro is slammed into the nearest wall. The Long Legged Man then asks his rival why he returned to the island, where nothing happened to him but grief and pain. Pedro explains that the Straw Hats saved his homeland and he is deeply in their debt. Further, he firmly believes that they are the ones who will one day bring the beginning of a new world. Soon they would surpass the Big Mom pirate gang and for these reasons Pedro wants to use what little time he has left for them. Still, he has no intention of dying here and now, as the Straw Hats have not yet achieved their goal. Wildly determined, the Jaguar Mink charges forward again, breaking his opponent’s sword and slicing him in half.

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