One Piece Episode 815


Prison Library: Pudding explains to Nami and Luffy she knows Sanji only asked her to marry him out of niceness, so she doesn’t feel like he wants this. She then explains that Nami and Luffy shouldn’t worry and she won’t marry Sanji. She then walks a little closer to both of them and whispers something to them, shocking them both. Pudding then leaves, to which Luffy calls out to her to stop. Pudding just turns around for a moment and says goodbye with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face.

Guest room of the Vinsmoke family: Yonji notices that Reiju is not with them. Niji says she went out some time ago, but doesn’t know where either. Yonji asks his father where Sanji and his future wife would live later, to which Judge explains that they will live in Germa. Yonji is already looking forward to it, as it would give him a chance to get back at Sanji for defeating him. Judge explains that Pudding would be an important hostage later to make sure Big Mom doesn’t play games and have ridiculous demands on her later. Niji asks what if Big Mom would take Sanji hostage in such a case. Ichiji finds this question more than ridiculous as it would be clear as this would mean nothing to them. Niji and Yonji agree and have to laugh. Niji then says that he’s looking forward to living under the same roof as Sanji again soon.

Sanji’s Guest Room: Sanji has just finished his bouquet of flowers for Pudding when a soldier comes in to do some shopping for him. He continues to relay the news that Luffy and Nami have been captured. This upsets Sanji at first, but he continues to tell himself that everything will be fine once he and Pudding are married tomorrow, since Big Mom promised to release them. When the soldier continues to read that Brook and Pedro are still causing a stir in the treasury, Sanji asks him to stop. He now wants to use the kitchen to cook something for Pudding since she didn’t show up for supper.

Mirror World, Brûlée’s House: Carrot is able to quickly defeat Randolph, Brûlée, and a group of homies when she focuses her electrical powers on the stew water spilled everywhere that all the enemies had stepped in. Chopper again goes into his monster form and uses the giant crocodile as a beating to defeat the remaining homies. Diesel goes to run off and tell Big Mom about it, but Carrot manages to catch up to him and cover his eyes, causing him to run into a wall. Chopper is happy about the victory, as they are now able to use Brûlée’s abilities to search all over the island for their friends and enter and exit the mirror world at will.

Treasury: Brook manages to free the souls of the Chess Soldiers from their artificial bodies with his powers. Thus, all the chess soldiers are defeated and only a small six-man group remains. But these are not much of a problem for him, who quickly defeats them all. He finds the keys to the Poneglyphs on one of them and wants to hurry to get what they came for.

Hallway, outside the treasury: Smoothie hears nothing more from the guards inside and assumes they have all been defeated. She orders her troops into battle position, since this is the only exit and the intruder will have to pass through here sooner or later. At that moment, the angry Big Mom joins in. She blasts open the gates with her power and runs into the treasury, where she finds Brook, who is totally shocked by this development.

Upper floors, corridors: Meanwhile Reiju is sneaking through the castle corridors. She wants to get into a certain room, but notices that the door has an awareness and decides to go in via the balcony. As she makes her way outside and jumps onto the balcony from a higher floor, she is suddenly surprised from behind by someone pointing a gun at her. She turns around and is horrified to realize who it is, whereupon he pulls the trigger.

Lower floors, corridors: Pedro is pursued by a large mass of soldiers. These push the Jaguar Mink into a covered backyard, where Baron Tamago is already waiting for him. Tamago explains that he is pleased to see him again, as he has always had high respect for Pedro, even if he is to blame for the scar on his eye. Tamago asks why Pedro returned since he wouldn’t have that much time left, after all Big Mom took 50 years off his life. Pedro explains he didn’t forget and takes off his turban, revealing a scar over his covered eye. He explains that he didn’t plan on returning home alive either.

Upper Hallways: Reiju seems to have escaped her attacker and wanders through the hallways. However, she is bleeding heavily from the leg and soon collapses.

Prison Library: Luffy now tries harder and harder to free himself and bangs his head against the bars of his cell several times. When that does no good, he wraps his rubber arms and now tries to pull with all his might. When Nami asks him what he’s doing, the rubber man explains that he’s come up with a way to get out of here, since he really needs to see Sanji now.

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