One Piece Episode 814


Whole Cake Island-Chateau: Pedro runs through the castle and continues to draw the attention of the guards. In the process, he also defeats several with his sword or dynamite. Baron Tamago and Smoothie are still running after the Jaguar Mink. Using a Den-den Mushi, Tamago orders Pedro cornered in the gardens. However, Pedro’s behavior seems strange to the Long Legged Man as he moves further and further away from the treasure room, whereupon it occurs to him that the whereabouts of one of the Straw Hat members is still unknown. Brook is the one in question. Tamago now understands that Pedro is just a decoy to lure them away and explains this to Smoothie.

Treasury: Brook has successfully infiltrated the Treasury and locked it from the inside. Inside, Brook still encounters some guards, but significantly fewer than before when he was probing the situation as a ghost.

Castle Corridors: Smoothie has returned to the treasury, but is faced with a locked door. She contacts Tamago to report that he was right and asks if she can kill the intruder as soon as he comes out, since this is the only entrance/exit to the treasury. Tamago explains that as long as she stands guard at the entrance, all is well, however she should not kill Brook, as he is certainly interesting to Big Mom’s collection as a living skeleton.

Treasury: Brook fights the guards, especially the chess soldiers. He explains that Pedro told him that these were just pieces that were given consciousness by Big Mom’s devil powers. He would already have the right remedy for that and brings out his guitar. The chess soldiers, however, to the musician’s shock, don’t want to wait for Brook to tune his guitar and attack him. At the last second, however, the skeleton is ready and launches into a rock ballad that knocks all the chess soldiers away. A large ghost appears behind Brook and he declares that his opponents have no chance against him, the Soul King.

Sanji’s Room: Sanji asked a soldier where beautiful flowers grow. After a bit of thought, the soldier advises him to go to the backyard. Sanji sets off to pick a bouquet for Pudding.

Mirror World, Brûlée’s house: Brûlée has invited more homies and is about to throw Carrot into her soup kettle. Chopper, however, remains calm. When he and Carrot were apparently captured, Carrot had switched places with one of her mirror doubles. What’s currently hanging over the cauldron is actually a frog with only Carrot’s appearance. The real Carrot has been hiding in the attic, playing ventriloquist to drown out the frog’s croaking. Chopper ponders when would be the best time to counterattack, as there are currently 16 enemies gathered, with Randolph, the big crocodile, Diesel, and Brûlée being the only enemies to be taken seriously. As Randolph tries to cut the tether from the fake Carrot, Chopper signals to Carrot, whereupon she throws a rock at Randolph, knocking him back. Carrot ropes down to her doppelganger and starts taking momentum with her. Randolph then cuts the rope, which Carrot takes advantage of. With a kick, she tips the large cauldron over, spilling the boiling soup on Brûlée. Chopper then goes into his Brain Point form to slip out of the chains and uses a Rumble Ball, then switches to his Monster form to counterattack.

Prison library: Opera guards Luffy and Nami, with Luffy still trying to free himself and shouting loudly that he should finally be released. Opera is extremely annoyed by this and tells him to shut up already, when suddenly Pudding joins them. Luffy immediately shouts at her to let him and Nami out. Pudding asks Opera to let her talk to Nami and Luffy for a moment. She is let into the book cell, where she apologizes to both of them for not making it to the rendezvous point with Sanji, and for being put through such a hard time by their siblings. Further, she explains that Sanji has now officially asked her to marry him.

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