One Piece Episode 812


Whole Cake Island-Chateau, Guest Room: Sanji looks through the window and can’t help but think of Nami slapping him, Luffy shouting to him that he’ll wait for him, and how an army was on its way to his friends. He hopes his friends are okay.

Prison: Luffy just wakes up in a cell and his hands have been pinned together on a wall with a large needle. Nami is next to him and glad he’s awake again. Luffy tries to free himself, but can’t get rid of the pin. Sitting in front of him and Nami are Mont d’Or, Opera, Galette, and Myukuru. Mont d’Or tells the Straw Hat that there’s no point in trying to free himself, and as it turns out, the cell is a massive book. Luffy guesses that this is Mont d’Or’s doing, which the latter confirms. The place they are in is filled with giant books that serve as prison cells, which is why this place is known as the prison library. Luffy explains that he can’t waste any more time here, so he’s going to escape. Mont d’Or replies that this is impossible, however he should go ahead and try. He closes the book, laughing at the two Straw Hats as he does so with his siblings.

Mirror World: Besides the Homies and Brûlée, Chopper and Carrot now have to fight a group of mirror copies of themselves. Carrot asks Chopper if he has an idea against these opponents. Sure enough, the ship’s doctor comes up with an idea, which he whispers to Carrot. Brûlée orders her subordinates to finally capture the two, whereupon all the mirror copies pounce on them.

Whole Cake Island Chateau, Treasury: In his ghost form, Brook slips into the Treasury and examines the interior. There are several hundred chess soldiers lined up throughout the room, as well as a few strong fighters, including Baron Tamago. Brook discovers two Poneglyphs as well as a road Poneglyph. Baron Tamago is talking to someone and explains that there are a total of 30 Poneglyphs. Nine of them have very special information. If you bring them to the last island, you can uncover the secret history of the world. The person Baron Tamago is talking to is one of the three generals: Charlotte Smoothie. This one is thirsty at the moment and grabs one of her subordinates. Using her devil powers, she squeezes them and fills herself a glass of juice, leaving her subordinate totally dehydrated. Meanwhile, Baron Tamago goes on to explain that the only way to find the last island is to use the four red Road Porn glyphs. Smoothie explains that she knows how important the stones are to the pirate gang, however this would not have settled the question of why security had to be increased so much. Tamago explains that a mink who is a former pirate has returned to the island who tried to steal the pore glyphs once before, Pedro. This one is not to be underestimated and they should therefore be extra vigilant. Brook, meanwhile, has heard enough and slowly retreats.

Wine Cellar: Pedro notices that Brook is just returning to his body. He explains the situation, to which Pedro tells him that Smoothie is one of the strongest fighters in the pirate gang, so a direct incursion seems hopeless, day or night. They both ponder for a moment. Brook explains that if Luffy is to be King of the Pirates one day, they will need all four Road Poneglyphs. However, he doubts they’ll ever make it that far into Big Mom’s territory again and get to the Poneglyph. Brook has it confirmed shortly after that Pedro is Baron Tamago’s target. After a brief pause, the musician asks the Mink if he would be willing to play decoy, to which Pedro replies in the affirmative.

Mirror World, Brûlée’s house: Brûlée has set up a large cooking cauldron. Chopper sits in chains in front of it, while Brûlée has already brought the kettle to the boil and Carrot hangs over it. The talking crocodile is already happy about the rabbit stew, while Carrot insists that she is not edible. Brûlée wants to overhear this for now, and tells Chopper that he won’t be getting into the stew, as it will be added to Big Mom’s collection of rare animals. In his mind, Chopper is glad that everything went according to plan. Since he got caught in his Heavy Point form, he can easily escape the chains once he changes back to his smaller form. Shortly after, he wants to end it with his Monster Point, which he can use again in the meantime.

Whole Cake Island-Chateau, Library: Big Mom gives her Germa 66 guests a little tour and pulls a book from her shelf. She opens it and shows a Manticore pinned to a page like Luffy and Nami. She says that this manticore escaped back during Blackbeard’s uprising in the Impel Down. Big Mom explains that one of her hobbies is collecting rare animals. As long as they are on the books, they cannot die or age. This, she says, is thanks to her son Mont d’Or and his devil powers. The rarer the creature, the more Big Mom wants it. She also has a centaur from Punk Hazard and a rare long-limbed human. Judge then addresses Big Mom on a topic that has been on his mind for a while. Big Mom once told him that every human species here would live in their land. Big Mom immediately confirms this, but Judge has noticed that one is missing, or at least he hasn’t seen it: the giants. So out of curiosity, he asks if giants would also live in their territory. Big Mom’s expression instantly darkens. However, she controls her anger and says that surely Judge didn’t run into anyone here just by a stupid coincidence. Suddenly, one of Big Mom’s men joins them and explains that they have captured the two Big Mom asked for. Big Mom apologizes to Judge, explaining that she had some business to attend to, and leaves.

Prison Library: Perospero has joined and asks Mont d’Or again to open the page with Nami and Luffy. After doing so, Perospero sets up a Den-den Mushi from which Big Mom’s voice can be heard. Luffy demands to be let go since he only came here for Sanji. Big Mom thinks Luffy is still pretty cocky and asks him if he forgot what he said to her on Fish Man Island. Luffy explains he remembers it well and if she wanted a fight, he would fight her here and now.

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