One Piece Episode 811


Battlefield: Luffy continues to use his arsenal of gum-gum techniques against the Chess Soldiers, defeating many, but shortly thereafter the Snake-necked twins Mascarpone and Joscarpone attack him with their lances, laughing mischievously. Luffy is able to dodge the attacks, but Bobbin realizes that Luffy is starting to reach his limits and orders a large amount of chess soldiers to charge forward again. Nami then takes advantage of the weather conditions again and brings down a massive bolt of lightning from the sky to back up her captain. As she attempts another attack, however, Galette interferes and uses a liquid to glue Nami’s hands to her staff. Galette is able to control the viscous substance from a distance, forcing Nami down from King BOhm. Meanwhile, Amande wants to give King Baum his punishment and uses her sword to slowly slice the massive tree in half. King Baum begs to at least be killed quickly, but Amande explains that for her, killing quickly is useless. She therefore only kills in the way that inflicts the most pain and that would be slowly. Meanwhile, Mont d’Or, who is on flying books, is somewhat impressed with Luffy for defeating so many of the chess soldiers, as they wouldn’t exactly be weak. Shortly after, Luffy is surprised by Opera, who has again spread his white cream, which reignites, setting Luffy on fire.

Mirror World: Meanwhile, Chopper and Carrot fight Brûlée, Diesel, Randolph and the talking crocodile. Chopper is able to fight off the crocodile, while Carrot takes care of Diesel, the long-armed human. Brûlée wants to launch a surprise attack and ambush with her scythe. However, Chopper is able to warn Carrot of this and get to safety, with Brûlée’s slash accidentally cutting off their iron chains. However, Brûlée has some copies from the mirrors attack Carrot and Chopper shortly after, overpowering them both.

Battlefield: Luffy tries to attack Opera with an elephant gun, but Mont d’Or throws one of his books in front of him, whereupon Luffy finds himself in a strange fantasy world where he is attacked by Mont d’Or. Nami, on the other hand, meanwhile, only sees Luffy standing defenseless on the battlefield with his eyes closed, merely punching the air when attacked, as if he were under hypnosis. Meanwhile, Mascarpone and Joscarpone, as well as the Chess Soldiers, continue to attack him incessantly. Luffy, again, does not see his opponents. In the illusion, he runs into different rooms that have different seasons and is occasionally attacked by confused figures such as rabbits or shadow figures of himself. It’s not until the book closes in reality that Luffy sees again what’s really happening right now, and is simultaneously attacked from both front and back by Counter and Cadenza. Since Luffy is still standing, albeit staggering, after this, Opera and his brothers repeat the attack, bringing down the Straw Hat Captain.

Whole Cake Chateau, Throne Room: Sanji asks Big Mom, who’s back to eating cake in exchange for marrying Pudding without argument, to let his friends from the Straw Hat Pirates go in peace. Without giving it much thought, Big Mom agrees to the deal. She explains that she’s reasonable to talk to as long as the requests are also reasonable. Sanji thanks Big Mom and promises to be a good husband to Pudding in return. Big Mom is pleased that Sanji has dismissed the idea of running away, but she explains again with a serious face that under normal circumstances, the Straw Hat Pirates’s behavior towards her would be irreparable. She then lists the crimes: destroying half of the Forest of Temptation, defeating her son Cracker, and most importantly, eating the candy from Fish Man Island. However, the wedding is her top priority at the moment, as it allows her to get the military strength of Germa 66.

Battlefield: The battle is over and the Big Mom pirates rejoice in their victory. Amande searches Nami and finds the Vivre Card, whereupon they all understand how the Straw Hats made it out of the forest and why the Chess Soldiers didn’t attack Nami. When they read Lola’s name on it, they assume the Straw Hats killed her and took the card from her, which Nami denies. She tries to explain that she and Lola are friends, but none of the people present want to hear any of it. Mont d’Or explains that they have orders to take both of them alive to Whole Cake Chateau, so he leaves with his siblings. Counter wants to take Luffy with him, but he clings to the place with the last of his strength to stay there, as he promised Sanji. Counter then kicks and punches Luffy until he loses consciousness.

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