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Luffy is slowly approached by Big Mom’s massive army of wrath. Luffy therefore shouts to Nami and King Baum to get out of here and hide. Nami doesn’t want to leave her captain alone, but King Baum obeys the order and runs away with Nami. Mont d’Or asks Luffy if he is the Straw Hat captain, which Luffy confirms. Bobbin has caught King Baum’s eye, to which Luffy says he is uninteresting. Mont d’Or counters that this is wrong, as he cannot believe that a weakling from the Worst Generation would have managed to defeat Cracker on his own. Galette explains that they know Luffy had allies that he came here with, and they will find and defeat them as well. Luffy tells them to shut up, at which point he is attacked by Charlotte Cabaletta, who charges at him with a hooked arm. However, with just one punch, Luffy manages to knock this one back, explaining that he was the one who defeated Cracker, which is why they should focus on him. Mont’ d’Or doesn’t need to be told twice and orders the attack, whereupon the troops rush off. The battle begins and Luffy first fights his way through a crowd of chess soldiers.

Chateau, Pudding’s Room: Pudding tells Sanji that she took the Straw Hats to the island, but couldn’t manage to get Sanji to join them in the morning. Sanji explains that this is fine since he wouldn’t have gone there anyway. Pudding explains that he’d better get off the island quickly before he gets handcuffed and explodes if he tries to escape. However, Sanji shows her that he is already wearing them. Not only that; he pulls off the mask Reiju put on him to cover up his swells, explaining that this is from his family as he tried to turn on them. He explains that they continue to hold a man hostage who is like a father to him. If Sanji does anything to jeopardize the wedding, this man would be killed. Sanji explains that he currently doesn’t have a single ally, for that reason he has decided not to resist anymore.

Battlefield: Luffy has already defeated several chess soldiers and Mont d’Or complains about how long it already takes to arrest just one man. Opera then fights Luffy, using his devil powers to create a sweet cream whose sugar content he increases so much that it starts to burn. As soon as Luffy is about to move away from it, he encounters Bobbin, who puts him to sleep with his abilities. When he then tries to decapitate Luffy with a sword slash, Nami rushes to the rescue and blasts him away with her Gust Sword. She continues to stand on King Baum’s head, forced back by her using the Vivre Card. Amande still sees this as a betrayal. Galette says that it doesn’t matter if there were three of them now, as their opponents are still vastly outnumbered.

Mirror World: Chopper and Carrot have been surrounded by Randolph and Brûlée. Since running away won’t do any good, Chopper suggests that they go on the attack now.

Battlefield: When some Chess soldiers climb King Tree to attack Nami, they feel the power of Big Mom’s Vivre Card and retreat in response. Luffy, meanwhile, is attacked by the Cabaletta, Cadenza, and Counter brothers. All three go for the Haki enhanced punch, which Luffy counters with a Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. Opera rushes to the aid of his brothers and attacks from behind.

Chateau, Pudding’s Room: Sanji explains that he has one condition for the wedding and that would be that no harm comes to his friends from the Straw Hats and they can move off the island in peace. Pudding apologizes to Sanji for her mother forcing him into such a situation. Sanji explains that this is not her fault. He is grateful that he was able to escape his family’s hell for at least thirteen years and meet so many friends. The least he wants to do for her is leave without anyone getting hurt, which is why his adventures will end here now.

Battlefield: Luffy is knocked back by Opera and his brothers, whereupon the chess soldiers immediately pounce on him. Nami uses her weather staff to keep the enemies away from Luffy, but there are too many enemies for her lightning bolts, so she gets the idea to use the current weather that Big Mom conjured up.

Chateau, Pudding’s Room: Pudding’s tears come and she explains that she doesn’t want marriage to be hell for Sanji. She apologizes for the emotional outburst shortly after, explaining that she knows she can never fill the void in Sanji’s heart.

Battlefield: Nami has now managed to concentrate all the thunderstorm’s lightning on one point and can take out a large number of chess soldiers. But despite this attack, there are still a lot of enemies left.

Chateau, Pudding’s room: Sanji walks up to Pudding and hugs her. He explains she is his savior at this time and if he is good enough for her, he will ask her to marry him tomorrow.

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