One Piece Episode 808


Germa-Carriage: Sanji has to think about how this situation came about. His own father had Reiju put handcuffs on him that would explode as soon as he left the island. However, if he were to attempt this anyway, they would have executed Zeff in East Blue. Sanji then has to think about his time together with Zeff and how he had said goodbye to him. Back in the present, Sanji thinks that the decision he made was probably best for everyone. At that moment, he hears Luffy’s voice from a distance and sees the Straw Hat captain coming running towards the carriage. Yonji can’t believe how far the Straw Hat Captain has made it either. They see a giant tree running behind Luffy, which again Nami is sitting on and waving at them, to which immediately Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji, as usual Sanji, react with eyes in love. Sanji wonders what the hell they’re doing here, when Luffy also hangs onto the carriage and declares that he’s coming to pick up Sanji. Sanji tries to suppress the memories of the Straw Hat Pirates days, repeatedly getting it into his head that he will lose his hands and Zeff will lose his life if he does anything to jeopardize the wedding. Torn by his memories, Sanji comes to a decision, stands up and kicks Luffy away.

Sanji gets out of the carriage, calls Luffy a dirty pirate, and wants him to leave. He explains that if he stays here, he’ll have soldiers, servants, and a beautiful bride, which he can’t get on the Straw Hats’ ship, so the choice is probably very easy. Luffy should continue to not take the note he left so seriously, as he has no plans to return. However, since he and Nami are here now, they save him the trouble of seeking them out and telling them again. Nami can’t believe what she’s hearing and is on the verge of tears, while Luffy is getting angrier and angrier. He can’t believe what he’s hearing either and isn’t the least bit convinced by Sanji’s performance either. Yonji wants to give it some emphasis, but Sanji declares that he will personally take care of them. Sanji approaches Luffy and explains that he will certainly be happier with the Big Mom pirates, as he would have had doubts about Luffy becoming King of the Pirates anyway. Luffy asks Sanji if he’s really been playing them for fools all this time, to which the ship’s cook replies in the affirmative. He explains that he’s been looking down on them since the beginning. Sanji lights his leg on fire and gets ready to fight, making it clear to Luffy this way.

Sanji leaps at Luffy and kicks him full in the face, sending the Straw Hat Captain flying away, but Luffy is able to catch himself in mid-air and lands safely back on his feet. Still, his nose is bleeding and he has lost a tooth. Sanji advises Luffy to use Haki if he doesn’t want to die. However, Luffy explains that he has come to talk and therefore will not fight. Sanji says that he should finally leave then, but Luffy refuses to do that either. Enraged, Sanji again sprints to his former captain and attacks him again. But Luffy again manages to withstand the force and stay standing on both feet. They both recall how Luffy first asked Sanji to join his gang. Nami tries to explain to Sanji that Luffy isn’t in any shape to fight such a battle, since he’s already been fighting one of Big Mom’s generals all night. However, Luffy explains that Nami should stay out of it since this is a duel. Sanji attacks again and gives Luffy kick after kick, but the Straw Hat Captain stays put and doesn’t fight back. Sanji keeps attacking Luffy, telling him to get the hell out, but he continues to stand still. After a kick that causes Luffy to spit a lot of blood, the Straw Hat declares that he refuses, at which point Sanji kicks him into a rock. Sanji explains that since Luffy won’t listen to him and walks away, he has no choice but to get really serious, even if it means killing Luffy. Once again, Sanji uses his Diable Jambe, but this time jumps into the air several times, and then kicks down from there. Nami tearfully asks Sanji to stop as they will disappear, but Luffy still refuses, so Sanji introduces his attack. Just before the impact, they both reminisce about how Luffy invited Sanji to join the crew back in the day. After the final kick, the Straw Hat captain falls to the ground unconscious.

Nami immediately rushes to him and sees how badly he is bleeding from the head. She then goes to Sanji and slaps him. She explains that coming here was really a mistake and goes back to Luffy. Sanji wordlessly walks back to the carriage, sits down, and orders it to continue. As the carriage slowly drives off, Luffy regains consciousness and shouts after Sanji that he didn’t believe a word he said. He felt that Sanji did not want to say this. Further, kicks like that would not be enough to defeat him. The only one who would have been hurt by this would have been Sanji. In the carriage, Sanji again tries strenuously not to look back and suppress his tears. Luffy goes on to shout that their journey together is far from over and he won’t leave this one until Sanji is back and he won’t accept food from anyone but him, since he’s his ship’s cook. No matter if it will rain or he will go hungry, Luffy will wait for Sanji as he cannot become a pirate king without him.

The episode ends with several different scenes from Sanji’s time with the Straw Hats to current events. Back in the present, Luffy is seen lying on the ground with Nami sitting next to him waiting.

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