One Piece Episode 806


Germa Castle, Sanji’s room: A maid tells Sanji and Reiju that it’s time to leave for the tea party at Whole Cake Chateau. Reiju gives Sanji a clean shirt so he can get ready.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy has eaten more cookie soldiers from Cracker, who is already pretty much out of breath to keep up with Luffy and make new soldiers. But after the last cookie soldiers, Luffy is also pretty much maxed out and his legs are giving out. Cracker sees this as his chance to finish him off, but Luffy has had enough and wants to finish the fight and goes back into Gear 4. Before Cracker can reach Luffy, Luffy has transformed again, but looks a little different than usual. His huge belly is now encased in Haki and he seems to have grown a bit bigger again. He calls this form the Tankman. Cracker tries to attack Luffy with his sword, but no matter what kind of attack he uses, whether it’s a slash or a stab, the attack doesn’t get through. As Cracker tries to use a stabbing attack again, the sword again fails to pierce through Luffy, but it suddenly sinks into Luffy’s stomach. Luffy’s stomach seems to be both to Cracker; extremely hard and soft at the same time. He tries with all his might to pull his sword out, but is also sucked in by Luffy’s stomach. He calls for his Cookie Soldiers to help him, but before they arrive, he’s already half-sunk into Luffy’s belly. Luffy goes for his final attack, the gum-gum cannonball, and flings Cracker out of his belly with all his might, whereupon he is blown away with an enormous shockwave. All of his remaining Cracker soldiers are destroyed in the process and he flies all over the island, crashing through several trees, hills, mountains and buildings.

Whole Cake Chateau: Big Mom just gets a report that her other two generals, Smoothie and Katakuri, have arrived on the island. She inquires if Cracker is finally back, to which her subordinates deny, but they believe he will surely return soon with the head of the Straw Hat. At that moment, the chateau is hit by something that causes the entire castle to shake. Big Mom immediately has them check out what this was.

Mont d’Or, Galette and Opera check this out and find Cracker unconscious in a crater. Opera wonders what happened to Cracker. Galette remembers that he went into the woods to defeat Straw Hat Luffy. Mont d’Or thus sums up that Luffy must have defeated Cracker and be nearby. The three siblings then vow to take revenge on the Straw Hat Captain, and Mont d’Or declares a state of emergency.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy needs to recover after Gear 4. Pound emerges from the woods and explains that he was hiding because for a while it looked like Nami & Co. were going to lose. Meanwhile, the Homies can’t believe they helped defeat Cracker, but they have to do whatever someone who has a Vivre Card from Big Mom asks of them, which is why those cards are no longer given to Big Mom’s kids. Pound changes the subject and says that Nami and Luffy should get out of here quickly. The last time the General lost Snack, Big Mom sent whoever did this not only Cracker’s fleet, but a storm of her own making. Pound warns Nami that Big Mom has the powers of a thundercloud named Zeus and a small sun named Prometheus. Luffy, however, doesn’t care that Big Mom is getting angry, as he is angry himself. Pekoms led them here and got kidnapped. Pudding drew them a map that they used to make it the rest of the way, but they have been in this forest for far too long. If they don’t move on soon, Sanji will be married to Pudding, making him part of Big Mom’s crew. Luffy calls out to King Baum to carry him to Big Mom’s castle until he can move himself. King Baum refuses at first, but Nami lends some force to Luffy’s demand with the Vivre Card.

Mirror World: Brûlée is looking for Carrot and Chopper, who have escaped her. The two are hiding when Carrot finally finds Sanji in a mirror. Chopper wants to draw attention to himself, but at that moment, Reiju just stands in front of the mirror and walks with her brother to the carriage that will take them to Big Mom’s castle. Chopper and Carrot can’t believe how close yet so far they were from their destination. They decide to look for Nami and Luffy next and tell them about it when Brûlée suddenly finds them.

Germa Castle: Sanji walks out of the castle to the carriage where his siblings and father are already waiting. The Germa soldiers are celebrating Sanji’s wedding anniversary and wish him well. Ichiji tosses Sanji a cape before he then gets on as well. The Vinsmoke family thus now also makes their way to the Whole Cake Chateau.

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