One Piece Episode 805


Germa 66, Lab: Ichiji, Niji and Yonji leave the lab, leaving Sanji lying on the ground. The lab workers then go to rush to Sanji’s aid, but Reiju comes in and sends them away. She walks up to Sanji, wondering how he’s going to face his fiancée like that and why the hell he came back. If he had given up Zeff, he could have gone on with his life without the Germa.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy tells Nami to get back to safety in King BOhm, with the Straw Hat Captain noting that the long fight is making him quite hungry. Cracker, meanwhile, sends his Cookie Soldiers after Luffy, declaring that he’ll take his time torturing Luffy, Nami, and the treacherous King Baum until he puts an end to them. It then occurs to Luffy that his opponents are made of biscuits and thus should be edible. However, when he tries to eat a destroyed shield, he realizes that the cookies are too hard. Nami then helps Luffy out by making it rain. The rain softens all the cookie soldiers, whereupon one soldier’s sword breaks when he tries to attack Luffy with it. Luffy sees his chance and eats one soldier after another. Not leaving a crumb, the soldiers can’t repair themselves and Cracker has to create the soldiers from new cookies. However, no sooner created than the straw hat captain pounces on the soldier to eat it. Cracker soon has enough and creates a whole army of cookie soldiers. Luffy wants to eat them too, but Nami thinks they should back off for a moment. She has an idea on how to make the soldiers even tastier for Luffy. Hearing this, Luffy’s ears perk up and he runs after Nami, who takes off further into the forest with King BOhm. Cracker and his cookie soldiers immediately give chase.

Mirror World: Chopper and Carrot continue to search for the mirror that leads to Germa 66’s castle. But they are caught by Brûlée, who was already looking for them. Armed with a scythe, she wants to finish them off, who try to escape despite their chains and weights.

Forest of Temptation: Nami and Luffy have led Cracker to the Apple Juice River with their retreat. Luffy throws one soldier after another into it and eats them afterwards. Cracker has had enough, which is why he now tries to attack Luffy again himself. But Cracker ignores him, dodges his attacks and eats the next soldier undisturbed. Luffy has grown a huge belly by now and even Cracker seems a bit exhausted now, having created so many soldiers one after the other. Still, he doesn’t think Luffy can eat any more and creates another batch of Cracker soldiers like he did earlier. However, Nami makes it rain again so Luffy can eat those soldiers too. The Straw Hat Captain gets ready to devour the next squad, while vowing to bring Sanji back afterwards.

Castle Germa: A soldier reports to Judge that all the preparations have been made. Judge then wants his children to be told that they will now leave for the Whole Cake Chateau for the tea party.

Sanji’s Room: Reiju tends to Sanji’s wounds and gives him a transparent mask to put on. She warns of the pain he’s about to be in, whereupon some electric shocks emanate from the mask. However, these cause Sanji’s swelling, which he received from his brothers, to go down. Reiju explains that the members of the Charlotte family never take the family name of their spouses, so perhaps Sanji will find some happiness in this marriage after all. Further, she explains that she wouldn’t be able to help him out of the situation this time, so there would be no second chances. To change the subject, she then asks him where he got his chivalrous manners towards women.

Flashback Baratié: All the cooks, including Sanji, who was still a child at the time, ask Zeff to accept women as cooks. But he refuses to do so. If someone does something wrong, Zeff teaches him better by giving the person a violent kick. However, he could never do such a thing to a woman. The boy Sanji wonders about this and says that it’s okay to punish a woman in the same way. Sanji immediately gets a few kicks to the head from Zeff’s peg leg, who explains that a man should never lay a hand on a woman. That rule, he says, is as old as the Stone Age and should Sanji do such a thing, he would be cutting off his and his own manhood. Sanji then asks Zeff why he would do this to himself, to which Zeff explains that it is the price a parent must pay. Sanji should never become someone he could hate.

Present, Forest of Temptation: Luffy has eaten so much by now that he has grown to three times his size. Cracker, on the other hand, is thoroughly annoyed by Luffy’s behavior, as Luffy only fights briefly, then retreats and eats the soldiers. He then fights again and repeats the whole thing. Nami asks King Baum if Cracker can really create infinite cookies. King Baum confirms that he can, but it seems that making so many cookie soldiers took quite a bit out of Cracker. Cracker sends out the next wave of cookie soldiers and doubts that Luffy could eat them, too. In fact, Luffy is already feeling pretty stuffed and would rather have a little break from eating, but Nami doesn’t listen to him on this. She makes it rain again, softening up the cookie soldiers, and declares that Luffy will one day be king of the pirates and his appetite is endless. Luffy doesn’t really want any more, but gets over himself after this speech and pounces on the soldiers again.

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