One Piece Episode 804


Flashback, Germa Castle: Reiju, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji fight some soldiers and defeat each of them without much trouble. Judge then hugs his children, who made him proud as they exceeded his expectations.

Sanji, meanwhile, has been in the dungeon for six months with the iron mask on his head. The mask was only opened briefly when a guard came by to give him something to eat. A mouse comes by and Sanji gives it some of his food. Shortly after, however, his father’s words echo in his head about how he should stop acting like his late mother. This brings back old memories in Sanji.

A few years earlier: Sanji has made some food in the kitchen, which the cook says is just disgusting. Sanji is nevertheless quite proud of the food and wants to take it to his mother in the medicine castle. A soldier wants to advise him against it, since the castle is far away and it’s storming right now, but Sanji wants to go anyway. On the way, young Sanji is attacked by a dog, but that doesn’t stop him from going on. Finally arriving at the medicine castle he meets Époni, the nurse there. She sees Sanji’s food and says that his mother can’t eat it. She tries it herself, but also just thinks it’s terrible. A little later, the two go together to Sanji’s mother Sora’s room, where Époni sets out another lunch for her, saying that Sanji made this for her. However, Sora sees from Sanji’s reaction that this is not true and demands the correct lunchbox. Sora eats this without complaining, and hopes from Sanji that he will cook her something again soon. Overjoyed, Sanji hugs his mother. A few weeks later, Sora passes away, leaving Sanji very upset.

Back to Sanji in the dungeon, he asks the guard watching over him if he could bring him cookbooks and cooking utensils. For the next few days, Sanji practices cooking over and over, despite the iron mask. Once Ichiji overhears the guard bringing Sanji some food, he, Yonji, and Niji go to Sanji’s dungeon, open the door, and beat up their brother again for fun. Reiju, after the three had left, comes back to Sanji and tends to his wounds, immediately telling him that she doesn’t take his side and that the other three will probably never leave Sanji alone, as they have no compassion and know no remorse or sorrow due to their modifications. Reiju herself would also have physical modifications and is therefore superhumanly strong, but she still has emotions. Before she leaves, she explains to Sanji that they were coming to East Blue next to help out with a war, and were about to cross the Redline.

The massive slugs carrying the Germa Kingdom split again and climbed up the redline. The crossing took three weeks. During that time Sanji’s daily life always looks the same, trying to cook, getting beaten up by his brothers, and then later being taken care of by Reiju. When the three weeks are up and they just arrive in East Blue, they are already expected by some ships of the country they want to attack. Sanji has just been taken care of by Reiju when he tells her his dream of becoming a chef. However, he says this won’t work as long as he is stuck here, which is why he would prefer to escape here in East Blue. Reiju makes a decision and bends the iron bars of Sanji’s cell so that he is free. She tells him where to find the keys to his mask in her father’s room, and that this would be a golden opportunity for him to make his escape. Sanji thanks her and heads to Judge’s room, but no sooner does he find the key than his father discovers him. Sanji pulls out a knife and explains that his father can’t stop him. Judge explains that the sea will certainly not let a weakling like Sanji survive, but this does not matter to Sanji. Judge then explains that he will not stop Sanji, on the contrary, he is actually relieved. Although Sanji was just a disappointment and a failure to him, Judge never managed to kill him himself. However, when Sanji tries to run away himself and possibly dies in the process, it only benefits him. Sanji is horrified by his father’s cold words. Judge goes on to say that Sanji should do him one last favor, however, and not tell anyone that he is his father or what family Sanji belongs to, as he doesn’t want anyone to know that such a disgrace is his son. Crying, Sanji walks past his father, who has just disowned him, as he removes his iron mask.

A little later, Reiju has taken Sanji to a passenger ship that was just near the land that Germa 66 is attacking. Since the passenger ship serves no military purpose, it is not attacked. With tears in his eyes, Reiju tells Sanji that he must never come back and that he will surely meet people who are friendly towards him one day.

Back in the present, Sanji is about to pass out after his brothers beat him up again as hard as they can.

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