One Piece Episode 803


Forest of Temptation: Since Luffy needs some more time before he can continue fighting Cracker, Nami pulls out her gun, jumps out of King BOhm, and tries to go up against Cracker herself. King BOhm, in turn, is told to keep Luffy safe and protect him with the other homies. King Baum warns Nami about Cracker’s strength, but Nami feels there is no other way, remembering Chopper’s words about underestimating the strength of the gang from one of the Four Emperors. She knows she doesn’t stand a chance, so she just wants to buy some time. When Cracker sends his soldiers to kill Nami, she fends them off with Gust Sword while King Baum tries to escape. However, he is quickly surrounded by more soldiers. Nami attacks with some lightning, but it has no effect on the cookie soldiers. The soldiers attack Nami one by one after this, and while she tries to dodge, Cracker himself tries to attack her. He asks her afterwards why she is risking her life for the son of the Germa Kingdom. Nami explains that Sanji gets on her nerves quite a bit sometimes, however he’s always been there to save his friends so far, which is why it’s their turn now. Nami then says that a coward like Cracker, who is always hiding behind others, can’t understand such a thing. The commander realizes that Nami is just trying to provoke him, but still accepts the challenge since he doesn’t think Nami would be able to hurt him. In fact, he quickly parries Nami’s attacks and is able to knock her weapon away. He declares that he will take his time torturing her until he gives her the coup de grace. But before that can happen, Luffy appears in Gear 2 and knocks Cracker away. From here on out, Luffy wants to take the fight back.

Germa, Underground Lab: Sanji has taken revenge on Niji for Cosette, kicking him across the room. As Sanji goes to continue his attack, Ichiji reminds him that they still have a hostage in East Blue. Sanji, distracted for a moment, is then rammed into the ground by Niji with electric attacks. Niji explains that he shouldn’t fight back if he doesn’t want anything to happen to Zeff. Yonji makes fun of Sanji’s compassion for Zeff, while Niji again hypocritically explains that he wouldn’t have messed up Cosette’s face quite so badly had he known how much she meant to Sanji. Ichiji then explains that they could definitely arrange for her to be one of Sanji’s subordinates. The three of them surround the downed Sanji, saying that they should welcome him back into their family and clarify the hierarchy between them, after all Sanji is the mistake among them.

Flashback: Judge explains to his five children that they are his greatest scientific achievement, having been genetically modified to grow into superhumans who possess no useless emotions like compassion or fear. As a result, they would possess the best qualifications to become perfect fighting machines capable of leading Germa 66. However, even if he gave them the skills, the children would still have to train them themselves. They are taken to a tall tower, from which the children are to jump down into the front yard. Reiju, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji manage to do this without any problems, leaving a crater on the stone floor each time. Only Sanji doesn’t dare. The height scares him too much. When running, Sanji was always last, running at what was a normal speed for his age, while his siblings were much faster and managed to do it without any problems with stamina. When Sanji fell and slightly injured himself in the process, his father didn’t dignify him with a glance. Whether it was just an obstacle course or a competitive swim, Sanji was always the last one with the worst score. His remaining siblings were usually disappointed or angry as well, while at least Reiju showed some concern every now and then. His brothers, on the other hand, would beat him up when he played with animals. During a sword fighting practice, Niji beat his brother mercilessly with his wooden sword and he didn’t stand a chance. Judge was beginning to wonder himself why Sanji kept performing so miserably in his tests, and the difference between his and his siblings’ abilities was widening. One of the scientists then enlightened Judge. While Ichiji and Niji in particular responded to the modification in their blood and developed quickly, Sanji’s modification seems to have regressed, making Sanji a failure, in other words.

In Sanji’s room, Reiju was tending to her brother’s injuries. Sanji thanks his sister, but wonders why she’s laughing at him too when she’s actually so nice. Reiju explains that if she didn’t, her brothers would attack her too and she just doesn’t want that, which is why she can only take care of Sanji in secret. A little later, Sanji made some food for a rat while he was reading in his books the story of Noland the Liar and the Book of Devil Fruit, among others. At that moment, his father came into his room scolding Sanji for making something to eat for rats again, that those of royal blood should not serve anything to others. He forbids his son to become just like his late mother. Since he had no talent, Sanji would have to try ten times, if not a hundred times, harder, after all he too was part of Judge’s plan to conquer the Northblue. He threw the rat out the window along with Sanji’s food and forbade him from ever preparing food again. The next few days Sanji continued to make no progress, so Judge came to a decision.

The next day, Judge told his soldiers that Sanji had died in an accident. In truth, Sanji had an iron mask placed on him in the basement vault and was locked in a dungeon so that he could not continue to shame his family. When Sanji asks who ordered this, some soldiers explain to him that it was the order of his father himself, who wanted to undo Sanji’s birth this way. Sanji then bursts into tears.

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