One Piece Episode 800


Forest of Temptation: Luffy tries to fight Cracker in Gear 4 state. However, every time the rubber man reaches it, a cookie soldier gets in his way, either throwing himself in front of Cracker or attacking Luffy. After he thinks he has defeated all the cookie soldiers, Luffy and Cracker clash themselves, with Cracker deflecting Luffy’s blows with his sword. It turns out that Cracker is a dangerous and serious opponent even without the Keksoldiers. After knocking Luffy away once, he claps his hands several times to create new cookie soldiers again, making it clear to Luffy that the fight is far from over.

The homies that Nami had sent out to support Luffy have fled the intense fight. When they think they’ve run far enough, they find that Nami is now standing on King BOhm, continuing to urge them to attack Cracker. However, the homies find themselves unable to do so. Nami doesn’t accept this as a reason, nor does she care how many of the homies get killed in the process. When asked by Nami who they were more afraid of, Big Mom or Cracker, the homies think Nami would surpass them both.

Mirror World: Carrot and Chopper can see into each other’s houses through the mirrors. Chopper understands what this means, which is why he gets an idea. Since this world seems to be connected to all the mirrors on the island, instead of escaping from here, they should use Brûlée’s abilities for their own purposes and find Sanji faster.

Sweet City: Brook uses his swift sword strokes to slice open one of the wandering Cracker soldiers under his cape. The soldiers were also created by Cracker and are hollow inside, which is why Pedro and Brook are able to hide inside the soldiers so that he can bring them to the Chateau when the shift changes.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy has been fighting Cracker all night, and morning has come. Cracker has created a dozen new cookie soldiers and sics them on Luffy. The latter uses the gum-gum-cong-organ, destroying one row of soldiers after another. Cracker takes advantage of Luffy being busy with the soldiers and tries to attack him directly himself, with Luffy narrowly escaping.

Chateau: Big Mom is already impatiently waiting for the wedding cake, but her homies have to put her off until tomorrow. When she inquires about the Straw Hats, her hat Napoleon says there’s nothing to worry about since she hired Cracker after all. A reunion between the Straw Hats and Sanji would be out of the question. When asked how the Vinsmoke family is doing, Napoleon reports that all the family members should have arrived by now.

Germa: All the soldiers cheer with full joy the returned Ichiji and Niji, who are welcomed by Judge as his beloved sons. The whole family meets in a conference room afterwards. Niji is less than thrilled that Sanji didn’t come to greet them voluntarily, but then finds it all the more amusing when he discovers his explosive handcuffs. Before it comes to a fight between the two, Judge wants to have breakfast with his children first. During the meal, Judge congratulates his sons Ichiji and Niji on their victory on broccoli. When Yonji says that they should have worked best for both sides to collect double, Judge explains that those are just methods of pirates. They are a proud nation, he says, so they have to save face to a certain extent. Ichiji then asks if they will actually be attending the meeting of nations, the Levely. Judge denies this as they will be dealing with the wedding and thus uniting with Big Mom’s forces. Niji changes the subject, stating that he was genuinely amazed that Sanji was still alive, as they would play a game from time to time, making up where and how Sanji must have died in the most embarrassing way. Sanji does not respond to the provocation and says that Niji should eat up. But his brother refuses, saying that the sauce doesn’t particularly appeal to him and that he had already eaten a large amount of chocolate before. Sanji, however, vigorously insists that Niji eat up. Niji doesn’t want to be told anything by a weakling like Sanji, so he has the chef Cosette come over. He accuses her of being the cause of the fight with his brother, as she served him disgusting food. As punishment, Niji throws his plate and food at her with full force. But at the last second, Sanji steps in, catches the plate before it hits the cook’s face, and asks his brother how low he can go.

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