One Piece Episode 799


Germa: It is already night and Sanji is looking into the distance from the balcony. Reiju appears and informs him that tomorrow Ichiji and Niji will reach the kingdom. This brings up some memories in Sanji, which is why he is anything but pleased about it. Reiju explains that tomorrow will be a bit hectic, the first time the whole family will be together in thirteen years. Afterwards, they will head to the Whole Cake Chateau to meet up with Big Mom.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy continues to use his full arsenal of gum-gum techniques against Cracker, but even his Haki enhanced Gear 3 attacks seem to have no effect on his opponent. Once again, Luffy is flung across half the forest. The homies made of trees, flowers, bushes, and candy don’t want to get involved in the fight at first and run away out of fear. However, when a clearing too large for the Straw Hat to escape from appears, they take up their positions again. After throwing Luffy to the ground, Cracker asks him why he won’t leave Sanji alone if he really is his friend. After all, he says, Sanji is the prince of a powerful kingdom and is in a completely different class than Luffy. If Sanji marries, he could live here quite comfortably and would certainly be happy. Cracker calls Luffy selfish for putting his happiness above Sanji’s and taking him away from here. Cracker suspects that Sanji would order Luffy to leave. This fuels Luffy’s anger, causing him to activate Gear 4. Using a Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun, Luffy breaks Cracker’s shields and throws him several feet away, spitting blood. The homies are shocked, as they have never seen anyone accomplish this before. Luffy says that Cracker shouldn’t underestimate Sanji. Even if Sanji was happy here, he would never talk to him like that.

Sweet City: Brook and Pedro have made it to the entrance of Big Mom’s chateau. To get into the castle, Pedro wants to take advantage of the patrolling Biscuit guards, who look like they’re made of cookies.

Mirror World: Carrot and Chopper find themselves in a bizarre misshapen world filled with mirrors and stairs. The two want to look into one of the mirrors, but have trouble moving because Brûlée has chained their feet to heavy iron balls.

Forest of Temptation: Pound wonders how Nami plans to use her Vivre Card. Since King Baum said that no homie can attack the bearer of the card, Nami blackmails the homies and wants to make them her subordinates. She gives them orders to support Luffy in his fight against Cracker. The homies don’t want this, but can’t fight Nami as long as she has the card.

In the meantime Cracker has risen again and wants to counterattack. However, his sword is no match for Luffy’s Gear 4 and Luffy breaks Cracker into pieces with another blow. Suddenly, something emerges from the remains of Cracker and attacks Luffy, who quickly retracts his arm. A man appears from Cracker’s destroyed body, who introduces himself as the real Charlotte Cracker. The thing Luffy destroyed was merely a suit of armor of his. Luffy is irritated, as the armor was bleeding earlier. Cracker clarifies that this was jam. He ate of the cookie fruit, making him a cookie person. Every time he claps his hands, he can create different cookies and shape and control them at will. He immediately demonstrates this, creating some new armor. Cracker has to congratulate Luffy, though, as there aren’t many people who know his true colors. Even the Navy would have pictured his armor on his wanted poster instead of himself. Because Cracker hates pain, he also prefers to fight in his armor. Meanwhile, five armors have already formed behind Cracker. Luffy should realize that he won’t see Sanji again because Cracker can make infinitely more.

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