One Piece Episode 798


Forest of Temptation: A fierce battle breaks out between Luffy and Cracker. When Cracker counters one of Luffy’s attacks, Luffy is able to dodge, but is startled when he has to dodge twice because Cracker has suddenly grown a second arm, complete with sword. After another attack, Cracker suddenly has three arms and is able to knock Luffy away for the time being. A little further into the forest, Nami is still amazed at how helpful Lola’s Vivre Card is, as it keeps the homies off her back. At that moment, Luffy is flung towards her. Shortly after, Cracker appears, introducing himself as “Thousand Arms” Cracker, one of Big Mom’s three generals with a bounty of 860 million berries. Cracker grows more arms as a demonstration. Some even have a shield now. He even grows a few more legs. Luffy isn’t impressed by this, though, and activates Gear 2 and uses enhanced attacks with Haki, but they can’t break through Cracker’s shields. Nami says that Luffy shouldn’t use all his strength for this fight and go all out. However, the rubber man retorts that he always uses everything in a fight. Luffy then wants to try Gear 3 attacks, but they too have little effect on the general. The latter even manages to catapult Luffy halfway through the forest with one attack. Nami is shocked that her captain is having trouble with only one of Big Mom’s subordinates. As Cracker runs in Luffy’s direction, Nami wants to chase after them, but King Baum and Brûlée get in her way.

Brûlée makes fun of the Worst Generation. She says they’re just a bunch of rookies who got lucky on the first half and now have to face reality. Looking at Nami’s intimidated face, Brûlée thinks she’s seen something like this dozens of times before. Cocky pirates who roar that their captain will be king of the pirates, but immediately despair when their captain runs into trouble here. In the last two years, Kid, Apoo, Bege, and Urouge have tried to make a name for themselves in Big Mom’s territory, but have all lost to Big Mom’s band of pirates without even seeing Big Mom. Bege would have been the only “sane” one to acknowledge the strength of the pirate gang and join them. Only Urouge managed to defeat at least one of the generals. Originally, Big Mom had four generals until one was defeated by Urouge. Cracker was sent after Urouge shortly after and defeated him. However, severely injured, Urouge managed to escape.

Brûlée continues to mock the Straw Hats and their plans to make it to one of the Four Emperors by sneaking through its territory. She creates a thick mirror and drops it, at which point Nami notices that Brûlée has disappeared. As she approaches the mirror, she sees that Brûlée is inside. She comes out moments later and pulls Nami by the legs into her mirror world. Pound musters all his courage to save Nami and knocks Brûlée away, who lets go of Nami in surprise. Brûlée points out to Pound that he has just committed a crime by defying Big Mom’s order. This, he says, is now his death sentence. However, Nami takes advantage of Brûlée’s inattention to prepare a thundercloud, which defeats Brûlée with only one lightning strike. Fainting, Brûlée then sinks into her own mirror world. Nami thanks Pound for his help. Pound asks if she really saw Lola. Nami confirms this and brings out the Vivre Card again, which scares the homies again. Nami notices this and wants to make the best of it.

Cracker has reached Luffy in the meantime. The straw hat tries to attack Cracker, but he can’t break through his defense. Cracker thinks Luffy had better give up because he has no chance. However, Luffy doesn’t want to give up because he wants to see Sanji again.

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