One Piece Episode 796


Whole Cake Island, Sweet City: Night has fallen and the townspeople are going to a church for mass. Inside the church, a dark figure carrying a basket awaits them. Each resident is asked the question “Leave or Life” by the dark figure. All the residents answer “Life”, whereupon the figure pulls something luminous out of their bodies and puts it in his basket.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy has caught several copies of each of his friends making various animal sounds. He’s at a loss as to what happened when suddenly one of the Namis yells at him in a normal annoyed voice that he should finally untie her since she’s the real one. After Luffy frees her, the latter slaps him for simply assaulting her and tying her up when she was looking for him. Still, Nami is surprised by all the copying and demands answers from the half-buried man. The latter was watching everything when they were attacked by Brûlée. The latter, however, claims not to have seen anything. Nami then tells Luffy what happened after they separated.

Flashback, a few hours ago: Brûlée holds Nami down and threatens to scratch her face. Nami takes advantage of a moment of inattention to push away from Brûlée with her climatic baton. As Brûlée goes on the attack again, Carrot interferes and attacks Brûlée. However, Brûlée creates a mirror from which Carrot’s own punch appears and knocks her back. Brûlée has eaten of the mirror fruit and is a mirror man who can reflect not only light, but anything. Carrot wants to attack again to destroy Brûlée’s mirror, but is now drawn into the mirror. Shortly after, Carrot finds himself on the other side of the mirror, whereupon Brûlée makes the mirror disappear. Big Mom knew from the beginning that the Straw Hat Pirates were here. Therefore, Brûlée and everyone else in the forest are tasked with making the Straw Hats regret their trip here. Everything in the forest, from the trees, flowers, candy, to the ground then takes on a face and Randolph joins them as well. Brûlée orders these figures, which she calls Homies, to attack the Straw Hats. Everything then rushes at Chopper and Nami. Chopper realizes they don’t stand a chance when all three of them get caught and they should have been more careful. Nami is told to flee and look for Luffy while Chopper tries to stop the homies. Chopper transforms into his monster form, which shocks Brûlée and the homies at first. But then Brûlée is happy, as Big Mom has a penchant for collecting exotic creatures and Chopper would be just the thing for her. While Chopper fights the homies, Nami tries to escape.

Present: All this had happened at this exact spot, but now no one is here. Therefore Nami asks the half-buried man again what happened afterwards. But he is afraid to say anything.

Whole Cake Chateau, Big Mom’s Throne Room: The candy homies explain to Big Mom that the Straw Hats are in the Forest of Temptation, where they are being tortured by Brûlée. The homies are having the time of their lives until Cracker enters the room. Big Mom gives Cracker orders to seek out the Straw Hats and give them a taste of terror and suffering, making them willingly wish for their own deaths. With a smile, Cracker goes on his way.

Forest of Temptation: Nami has realized that the man was not attacked by Homies and therefore seems to be on their side. He clarifies he’s not on their side, but he’s not their enemy either. He refuses to tell more unless they bring him some apple juice. Luffy promises to get some for him if he helps them. The man is pleased, but has a question. He rates Luffy quite strong, but wonders if Nami is strong as well. Once the homies get their orders to attack someone, they won’t stop even if someone is strong. This was also the case with Chopper. Nami now understands and also wonders why the homies suddenly stopped chasing her. Luffy explains that the trees left him alone after he defeated a few dozen of them, wondering how they can even move. The man explains that Big Mom ate of the Soul Fruit and has the ability to take souls, or life force, out of other people and transfer them to others. Periodically, the island’s inhabitants must cede a month of their life force in the form of their soul to Big Mom if they wish to continue living on the island. The life force is then dispersed, causing various things such as trees or flowers to come to life. These are then called homies. Animals can also be humanized like Randolph or the crocodile they saw. However, the copies of their homies were not created by Big Mom, but by Brûlée, who gave animals the appearance of Straw Hats with her devil powers. Luffy is upset that the man didn’t say anything before. However, the latter just didn’t want to be dragged into the whole story. Luffy demands that he explain who he actually is, why he knows so much, and why he is half-buried so far away from the city. It takes a lot for him to say this, but he admits to having been one of Big Mom’s husbands many years ago. Meanwhile, the homies in the woods are spooked because Charlotte Cracker, one of the three candy generals and Biscuit’s minister, is approaching.

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