One Piece Episode 795


Whole Cake Island, Sweet City: Brook and Pedro learn through the newspaper that Jinbe tried to end his alliance with Big Mom. However, when he learned of the consequences, he would have backed out. The people on the street who read the article laugh at Jinbe for this and call him a coward. Brook explains to Pedro that Jinbe was actually still going to join their crew once he got certain things done. Brook now understands that this was about his alliance with Big Mom. Pedro, meanwhile, has spotted someone through a store window. It’s Pudding, besieged by her servants to pick out a dress for the wedding. Pedro assumes that Pudding didn’t even have time to let Sanji know to wait on the shore. Brook also assumes that Baron Tamago is nearby, apparently to watch over Pudding. Pedro knows Baron Tamago all too well, which is why he doesn’t want to be seen by him. Tamago is then asked out by some soldiers and Pedro and Brook overhear them. The soldiers report back to him that the Straw Hats reached Chocolat Town yesterday, Pekoms disappeared after that, and the pirates are already on the island. Luffy, Nami, Chopper and Carrot would have already fallen into their trap in the Forest of Temptation. Brook and Pedro are shocked at how well informed they are and that their friends should have already been caught. The soldiers also show Baron Tamago pictures of Brook and Pedro. Tamago can already guess what Pedro has come for and instructs the soldiers to look for Pekoms first. Because of their long partnership, Tamago wants to ask Big Mom for mercy for Pekoms, but still wants to hear his story.

Northeast Coast: The Fire Tank pirate gang has gathered on the coast. Capone Bege is fooling around a bit with his son as he cries loudly. Pekoms stands tied to the cliff, annoyed by Bege’s family events, as he turns to the Mink. Bege does want to give him another chance, but Pekoms refuses. Bege reminds him of the last time he was on Zou and reminds him that compassion would get him nowhere in this world. The sea below them is shark-infested, he says, which is why non-swimmers don’t fare well here. He points a gun at Pekoms and asks for his last words. Pekoms announces that Bege is underestimating Big Mom too much. Bege then pulls the trigger and Pekoms falls backwards into the depths where the sharks have already gathered.

Southwest Coast, Forest of Temptation: It’s evening and Luffy continues to run after his friends’ copies.

Sweet City, Chateau, Throne Room: Big Mom has had Caesar brought to her to ask him about the current state of his research, in which she has invested huge sums of money. Her dream is to be able to sit at the same table with all the creatures of the world on an equal footing and have a tea party. But to do that, she needs Caesar’s giant growth research. Caesar has to gulp at this one. While he had done research on it, and also had small successes with the children of Punk Hazard, their lifespans were greatly shortened. He knows about the failure of this research, but had still accepted Big Mom’s funds to spend on women and alcohol. Caesar therefore continues to fib to Big Mom, claiming that he has almost completed his research. However, just before completion, Luffy and Trafalgar Law showed up on Punk Hazard and destroyed his lab. Big Mom counters that this is not a problem, her Minister of Candy has devil powers and can make anything out of candy. She had him build an exact copy of Caesar’s lab, having obtained the blueprints for his lab some time ago just in case. Caesar can now finish his research, she says, and money continues to be no problem. However, Big Mom gives him a deadline of two weeks. Caesar is taken to his new lab where he meets the builder, the Minister of Candy and Big Mom’s first born son, Charlotte Perospero. The latter was handed Caesar’s heart by the Fire Tank pirate gang and declares that he’ll stop by every now and then to keep an eye on him. If Caesar isn’t ready in two weeks, he will turn him into a candy man and eat him. Caesar knows he can’t possibly finish something like this in two weeks and already sees his end coming if he doesn’t do something.

Night, Forest of Temptation: Luffy returns to the half-buried man and brings back two more bound, Pudding and Sanji. By now, Luffy has captured multiple copies of each of his friends and they are all acting like different animals. Luffy still doesn’t understand what happened to his friends.

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