One Piece Episode 794


Kingdom of Germa: Reiju is impressed with how strong Sanji has become over the years. Meanwhile, Sanji explains to his father Judge that he will not use his hands for fighting, but only for cooking. Judge finds this embarrassing, as those who are of royal blood should not be bothered with such things. The battle ensues again, which this time Judge is able to win due to his Raid Suit. According to Judge, who kicked his son into a wall, the war technology they’ve developed in the meantime is far better than when Sanji was a child. As Sanji rises from the rubble, he once again recalls his childhood, finding not a single good memory of his father. He therefore has no qualms about attacking this one with full force and prepares his attack accordingly. Judge sees that Sanji is serious and calls his men, who then line up in front of Sanji. While Sanji breaks off his attack so as not to hit anyone innocent, Judge pierces one of his men with his spear to reach Sanji. The electrical impact released by the spear then defeats Sanji.

Whole Cake Island, Forest of Temptation: Luffy is still looking for Nami, Carrot and Chopper when suddenly several trees block his way. The entire environment comes to life and wants to attack Luffy. However, the latter is not intimidated by this and defeats one of the trees, saying that the rest should be quiet now so he can look for his friends. The forest then becomes angry and continues to attack Luffy.

River: Pedro and Brook, meanwhile, infiltrate Whole Cake Island by crossing the river to near Sweet City. From there, they get off the submarine and continue on foot. In town, they see a newspaper carrier spreading the latest news from Totto Land. Pedro picks up a newspaper and as it turns out, it’s reporting on Jinbe.

Forest of Temptation: Luffy has defeated all the creatures of the forest and continues to search for his friends in the forest. However, he only finds the buried man, who asks Luffy to pull Randolph’s spear out of the back of his head. Luffy helps him and inquires about whether the man has seen his friends. The man doesn’t even answer Luffy’s question and asks Luffy if he could bring him some apple juice. Luffy is annoyed that he doesn’t answer him, but then he sees Chopper.

Kingdom of Germa, Room: Reiju tends to Sanji’s wounds. She explains that she barely recognized her little brother. Sanji doesn’t care though, he just wants to get the tea party over with quickly and then get back to his people as soon as possible. Judge, meanwhile, clarifies that every soldier in Germa 66 is loyal to the Vinsmoke family to the death and will carry out any order they are told to. Sanji wonders why he has not already achieved his goal of conquering the Northblue with such an army. However, this is still not enough, which is why he wanted to ask Big Mom for help. With her forces and his forces and technology, he would really have a chance to fulfill his dream. But Big Mom sets the condition of marriage with one of her children before any alliance. Judge knows how insane Big Mom is, so he doesn’t want to let his beloved children marry into such a family. However, he then remembered another child who is unimportant to him. Sanji is supposed to play the sacrificial lamb for him and to make sure he does, Big Mom lent him something in advance. Reiju then puts two bracelets on Sanji’s wrists. The principle of these bracelets is the same as the necklaces that World Nobles put on their slaves. Should Sanji try to escape from the island, they explode, thus taking away his precious hands. Big Mom is the only one who has the key. Sanji tries to rip off his bracelets, but Reiju warns him that they will explode even if he does.

Forest of Temptation: Chopper flees from Luffy. The latter chases him until he notices that Nami, Sanji, Carrot, and Pudding also appear. Luffy then tries to catch them and runs after them. The trees then think that Luffy will probably wander around here for the rest of his life.

Kingdom Germa, Balcony: Sanji looks at his bracelets and remembers how Zeff once taught him not to use his hands for fighting.

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