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Whole Cake Island, the Apricokko River behind the castle: The Germa 66 has been given permission to anchor their ships on the river behind the castle. On each scroll is a building, part of a castle, or section of terrain, which is why they all together make up the whole kingdom of the Germa 66. Germa 66 is a wandering kingdom and is ruled by the Vinsmoke family, who aim to gain control of the Northblue by force. The majority of the population is made up of male soldiers who, when not on missions, train daily to become stronger.

Germa 66, Castle: Sanji wants Reiju to leave the room. The latter notes that Sanji is really cold towards her, even though she hasn’t seen her little brother in so long. Sanji again explains that he cut ties with his family and wants to leave it at that. The portrait behind Reiju, which shows her father beheading four kings from the Northblue, reinforces Sanji’s decision. Reiju explains that the portrait shows a victory for her father, to have come one step closer to his dream of bringing the entire Northblue under his control. Reiju asks Sanji why he doesn’t choose his royal life with all the privileges instead of that of a petty pirate. Sanji won’t hear of it, though he weakens briefly when Reiju shows him his possible servants. At that moment, the king and top general of Germa 66 enters the room, Sanji’s father Vinsmoke Judge. The latter welcomes his son, but Sanji does not want to be called a son by this man. In return, he declares that when he speaks of a father, he would never mean him. When Judge asks Sanji about his fight with Yonji, the Cook explains that he was the stronger of them. Judge then wants to go outside with Sanji, since men prefer to talk with their fists.

Whole Cake Island, Forest of Temptation: Luffy runs through the forest looking for Nami, Chopper and Carrot. He knows that the trees and ground keep changing to make sure he runs in circles. The trees discuss whether they should plan a surprise attack on Luffy.

Germa 66, Castle: The soldiers have heard that there will be a duel between Sanji and Judge outside.

Yonji’s Castle: Yonji is upset about losing to Sanji and curses him. Especially since Sanji has severely deformed Yonji’s head. The doctor first tries to fix his head with a hammer, but is unsuccessful. Only with a larger press can Yonji’s face be straightened again.

In front of the Germa Castle: Judge and Sanji have started their fight. To everyone’s amazement, Sanji is able to dodge and even counter all of Judge’s attacks, despite not wearing a Raid Suit like his father. Judge gets angry when Sanji dares to actually attack him, already attacking him with a spear himself. Sanji wants to sail right back to his friends after the tea party, regardless of whether this looks like a break from the Vinsmokes with Big Mom. Judge asks him if he really doesn’t care that much about his family, to which Sanji angrily replies that he’ll never think of them as his family.

Review: Young Sanji has baked a cake, but it is stolen by his brothers. When Sanji goes to retrieve it, he is brutally slammed into the nearest wall. Ichiji is of the opinion that it is not proper for those of royal blood to cook or bake on their own. Sanji tries to fight back, but the latter’s body is so hard on him that he gets hurt himself. Afterwards, Ichiji beats him furiously and mercilessly. He calls Sanji a failure, even though they were all four born on the same day. Yonji and Niji laugh at Sanji. As Judge walks by with Reiju, Ichiji stops. Judge sees that Sanji has been beaten up again and Sanji asks his father for help. Judge doesn’t know why he should help him. He doubts Sanji will become a useful soldier, he doesn’t see any use in him, so he thinks raising someone like that would be a waste of time.

Present: Judge attacks again with his spear, but Sanji is able to block it with his leg. His father never thought Sanji could use Haki and shows himself slightly impressed. He demands that his men throw him a sword. This, in turn, Judge throws to Sanji, as he teaches all his sons how to sword fight. Sanji, however, rejects it and kicks it away. He doesn’t use his hands to fight, only to cook, which again angers his father.

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