One Piece Episode 792


Whole Cake Island, Forest: Chopper, Nami, and Carrot went after Sanji, but lost him in a pile of big suckers. Instead, the trio have found a giant man stuck in the ground with only his head and hands sticking out. Chopper worries if the man is okay and asks who half buried him. However, the man explains that he dug himself in and likes it that way. Nami doesn’t want to spend much time with him and keeps walking, while the man asks her to bring him some apple juice they can find nearby. The trio then continues to run through the forest, looking for Sanji again. However, Carrot suddenly notices something in the bushes and is able to get Nami and Chopper to duck just in time as a rabbit on a crane attacks them with a spear. It misses the trio, but hits some trees, splitting them and causing them to cry out briefly in pain. Carrot wants to take on the attacker, but Nami wants to ignore him as well and look for Sanji. When they’re a few feet away, however, Nami decides she’d rather return to Luffy. There are too many strange things going on in that forest, and Nami has doubts that the Sanji they’re chasing is even the real Sanji. Chopper agrees after a moment’s hesitation. Suddenly, Nami notices that the log port needles are going crazy. Also, clocks hanging in the forest suddenly start moving backwards.

Trees, flowers, and even mounds suddenly get faces and start chanting that they will not let the pirates escape. As they chant this, they change positions, causing the path to the Thousand Sunny to disappear. The trio of straw hats continue to be pursued by the rabbit on the crane. Carrot notes that this hare is certainly no mink. As it prepares to attack again, Carrot jumps back to counter it with an electric attack. As she does so, she notices that the bunny, whose name is Randolph, is not proficient in Electro, confirming her suspicions that he is not a Mink. She manages to incapacitate his crane with an Electro attack and rejoins the others. Randolph, however, is not so easily dissuaded and throws his spear at them.

Germa Castle 66: Sanji is walking down a hallway and discovers a large crack in the wall. He remembers how his brothers threw him against this wall several times, causing the crack. Yonji then meets his brother and says that the wall certainly brings back memories. He could hardly believe that his weak brother survived and became a pirate. Sanji tells Yonji to leave, as he has long severed ties with his family. Yonji then addresses him about hearing Sanji refuse to marry. He says that Sanji is a no-good in the family and has no other choice. Shortly after, a fight breaks out between the brothers, with Yonji quickly realizing that Sanji is not as weak as he once was.

Forest: Nami’s group has dodged Randolph’s gun, which instead hit the big man in the ground. When they get to the suckers, they think they’re back with Luffy. They see that he is still fighting himself and call out to him that they are returning to the Thousand Sunny. Together they run to the Donut Bridge and jump across. Luffy wants to say something to the group, but covers his own mouth. The group continues to run, but are then shocked when, instead of the shore, they find themselves back in front of the half-buried man. Once again, the group runs through the lollipops and jumps across the river of the donut bridge, but once again they come out at the buried man. As Nami looks around, she notices that the trees, flowers, and ground are slowly moving back and forth, changing the path over and over. Suddenly, Luffy grabs Nami and holds her down. Chopper realizes too late that this is not Luffy. The fake Luffy transforms into a ghastly woman who explains that the group is in the Forest of Temptation, from which there is no escape. The woman is Charlotte Brûlée, the eighth daughter of Big Mom, who is responsible for this forest. She asks Nami if she noticed her scar. She calls the straw hats cute and beautiful, which gives Brûlée the urge to scratch their faces with her nails.

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