One Piece Episode 791


Thousand Sunny: The Thousand Sunny has reached the coast for the rendezvous point and Luffy has already spotted Sanji on the coast. However, when the others ask where he is, Luffy has to confess that he lost sight of him as he suddenly disappeared. Meanwhile, Brook and Pedro have gone to the Straw Hats’ submarine and take it out of the ship. Brook wants to accompany Pedro on his quest for the Poneglyph, as reconnaissance, espionage, and burglary are easy with his powers.

Whole Cake Island, Coast: The rest of the gang goes ashore on the coast and Luffy is looking forward to an adventure. Nami is less enthusiastic, as this is enemy territory and she’d prefer to leave as soon as they find Sanji. Still, Luffy shouts loudly that they’re here as agreed, which is why Sanji and Pudding should show themselves. No one answers, and Luffy and Chopper explore the surrounding area, which, like the last island, is all candy. While doing so, they spot Sanji at the edge of the forest. This time Carrot sees him too, whereupon the three run to him. However, without giving any answer, Sanji runs into the forest. Nami sees her three friends running into the forest to look for Sanji and runs after them.

Forest: The group runs deep into the forest, but can’t find Sanji, which makes Nami wonder. She wonders why he ran away in the first place. The forest itself, like the rest of the island, is mostly, besides trees and bushes, candy and cake. Luffy decides they should split up to look for Sanji. Nami immediately objects, as she doesn’t want any more people to get lost. Especially since the three of them obviously only have food on their minds besides searching. She does want to search for Sanji with them, but without the group splitting up. Luffy agrees and starts eating various sweets in the forest with Chopper and Carrot. As they walk across a donut bridge, a massive crocodile suddenly appears below them, wanting to eat the bridge. At the last second, the group makes it to the other side of the melon juice river before the crocodile swallows the bridge with one bite. Upon closer inspection, they discover that the crocodile is wearing clothes. It briefly looks over at the group, is disappointed that they are only humans, and continues down the river on two legs. Nami finds this situation very strange, so she suspects there is something wrong with this forest. Though Luffy counters that she should take another look at her own group, she would still rather return to the shore and wait for Pudding and Sanji. Suddenly, Nami is startled to see another Luffy. Luffy angrily asks his imitator who he is. However, this one imitates his every move and even speaks the same thing as Luffy at the same time. Nami is confused as to how they are supposed to distinguish who the real Luffy is. However, Chopper realizes that the doppelganger is wearing Luffy’s scar on the wrong side like a mirror image. Carrot then discovers Sanji lying relaxed in the trees. However, when Carrot, Nami, and Chopper call out to him, Sanji runs away silently again. Luffy wants to go after him, but he keeps bumping into his doppelganger. Luffy tells his friends to follow Sanji while he takes care of his doppelganger. Luffy then tries to fight it, but all attacks are imitated and seem to be as strong as Luffy’s own. Meanwhile, Nami, Chopper and Carrot chase Sanji and run deeper into the forest.

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