One Piece Episode 789


Whole Cake Island: Big Mom destroys everything in her path as she searches for a Croquembouche. She eats more and more of the buildings and the treats running around, but none of it is a Croquembouche, which makes her angrier and angrier.

Control Room: Baron Tamago asks the chef how long it will take for the croquembouche to be ready. Meanwhile, the people in the room watch via a monitor that Big Mom is getting closer and closer to the castle and threatens to attack it as well. But they get word that Moscato is trying to calm his mother down.

Sweet City: Moscato saves a little girl from being crushed by Big Mom. People immediately notice Big Mom’s 16th son and Minister of Gelato, and hope he can save her. Baron Tamago reports to this via Den-den Mushi and explains that the croquembouche will be ready in half an hour. Moscato thinks this is too long and tries to talk some sense back into his mother. However, Big Mom doesn’t recognize him and attacks him. At that moment, his siblings Opera, Galette, and Mont d’Or show up to warn him not to get too close to Big Mom. Big Mom then attacks him again, though Moscato is able to dodge. Afterwards, Big Mom gives him a maniacal look and asks him the question: life or treat – his lifetime or something to eat. Everyone in attendance is shocked that Big Mom would ask her own child that question. Opera calls out to Moscato to show no fear and stay calm or his life time will be stolen. However, Moscato panics. He runs away in fear, whereupon something escapes from his body. With all her might, Big Mom grabs the substance and rips everything out of his body. It has taken 40 years of his life. Lifeless, Moscato then falls to the ground. Big Mom continues on her way after that.

Before she can reach the castle, Jinbe suddenly arrives riding a shark. He has brought a croquembouche and stuffs the treat into her mouth with a leap. Happily, she drops backwards. Big Mom has calmed down, to which everyone is relieved. When Big Mom gets back up, she thanks Jinbe for the candy, as well as the poneglyph he brought her a few days ago. She looks around and notices that the city has been half destroyed and asks Jinbe if he did this. He denies this and lies to her that he doesn’t know who did this so as not to upset her again. Big Mom then inquires what would bring him here. In a serious voice, he announces that he has something important to say. The Empress quickly loses her smile and asks if he wants to break away from their alliance.

Thousand Sunny: Nami reports to Luffy that they have already bypassed Cheese and are headed for Biscuits next. Carrot discovers from the crow’s nest that the sea ahead of them is turning red. When Carrot learns that it is melon juice, she is excited. Using her binoculars, she spies that the sea is also turning orange and pink. Pedro explains that they have reached a point where three different seas of juice meet. Luffy, Carrot, and Chopper would like to drink this mixed juice, but Pedro warns them to stay alert, as there are very dangerous beasts roaming this sea. Suddenly, Luffy, Carrot, and Chopper discover a giant melon, an orange, and a peach floating in the water. Luffy immediately grabs the melon, despite Pedro’s warning, as the melon is actually a giant puffer fish. The fish unsuccessfully tries to eat Luffy, who disassembles it into its component parts.

Whole Cake Island, Sweet City: Big Mom tells Jinbe to follow her to the castle. In his mind, Jinbe thinks he made the right decision and recalls his first meeting with Luffy when he freed him from Impel Down. More flashbacks follow: How they fought in Marine Ford’s war, how he rebuilt Luffy after the war, and how Luffy invited him to join his crew. But Jinbe declined for the time being because he had something important to do. Only then would he return to the Straw Hats and join them. But now the time had come to keep his promise.

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