One Piece Episode 786


Cacao: Chopper and Luffy explore the city, which is made entirely of chocolate. Luffy finds it interesting that there also seems to be a variety of different races living here. The two are thrilled to be surrounded by so many sweets and sample a few varieties of chocolate. When Chopper suddenly picks up a very delicious scent, he and Luffy head out.

Coast, Thousand Sunny: Pekoms explains that he has settled everything with the guards, but they still shouldn’t stay here that long. It still takes at least a full day to get from Cacao to Whole Cake Island, after all, so they should just stock up on food and then move on. Nami, Carrot, and Pedro and Brook have dressed appropriately so as not to attract attention on land. Carrot is already excited to explore the island and borrows a pair of binoculars from Pedro to get an overview. When she sees that there are minks on the island, Carrot is impressed, and in general the biodiversity seems like a wonderland to her. Pekoms explains that this is exactly Big Mom’s goal: to create a land where all species and races can live together peacefully and without discrimination. On Cacao, everything is made of chocolate, so Carrot immediately wants to try some. Pekoms tries to teach her about the laws of the island, but Carrot is overwhelmed with all the information. When everyone is ready to explore, Pekoms announces he wants to stay on the ship because they know his face too well in town. He is horrified when he realizes that Luffy and Chopper have already gone ashore. However, Nami remains calm because they should know where Luffy is shortly. Suddenly, they hear a commotion from the town and Nami is sure that Luffy is responsible.

Chocolat Town: Luffy and Chopper have eaten an entire café’s worth of chocolate, jelly beans, and other sweets. Round and full of food, the two sit in front of the remains as they are questioned by a member of the Choco police as to what led them to commit this crime. They reply that the café was just too delicious. The policeman then wants to arrest them. Meanwhile, Nami and the others reach the scene and watch from a distance as a woman lands on the ground with a flying carpet. The policeman recognizes her as the owner of the Café Caramel, Charlotte Pudding. Pudding pretends to know Luffy and Chopper and explains to the policeman that the building was going to be rebuilt, so she asked them to eat it completely. The policeman apologizes for the misunderstanding and refrains from arresting her. The policeman orders Pudding his best wishes for the upcoming wedding before he leaves. Pedro can’t believe how lucky they are when suddenly a local mink addresses him as “Captain.” Pedro immediately shuts him up and asks not to make a fuss, since he just came here to relax. The other Mink is nevertheless glad to have seen Pedro again after a long time and goes his way afterwards. Nami asks Pedro if people here would know him like Pekoms. Pedro defers an answer until later, when they have left the island.

Pudding’s House: Luffy and Chopper start eating some parts of the walls again, while Luffy thanks Pudding for the help. However, Pudding explains that she is thankful because Luffy and Chopper called her café delicious. She used a new chocolate recipe for it, which she wrote. Pudding blushes as Luffy and Chopper rave about her chocolate. She is overjoyed when someone enjoys her chocolate that it makes her want to cry. Brook is amazed by this warm and kind girl. Nami also thanks her for bailing them out, but explains that they have to go now. Pudding wants to make them some tea to say goodbye, asking for their names. Luffy immediately introduces himself with his real name, to which Pudding reacts slightly startled.

Meanwhile, on another island known for its eggs: the inhabitants are attacked by a pirate from Big Mom’s pirate gang to get ingredients for the tea party. The same thing happens on two other islands known for their good flour and fruit.

Whole Cake Island: In her throne room, Big Mom is happily dancing and singing along with some musicians and the talking establishment. The preparations for the wedding have already begun. The groom is already there and the ingredients for the delicious wedding cake are already being gathered. Singing happily, Big Mom replies that only the best is good enough for her, which is why robbery and murder are allowed. One by one, she receives reports from the pirates that they have completed their mission and procured the ingredients. At the end of her song, she explains that she has learned of the straw hat’s arrival.


  • The song Big Mom sings in this episode is called “Bloody Party”. Eiichiro Oda wrote the lyrics himself, while Kōhei Tanaka composed the music.
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