One Piece Episode 785


Thousand Sunny: Sanji and Yonji’s sister Reiju has come onto the ship. Chopper immediately notices her furrowed brow. At that moment, Yonji comes leaping out of the sea, Reiju having previously kicked him into it. Yonji gets upset at his sister’s behavior towards him, with the Straw Hats wondering how this one can float in the air. Pekoms knows that this is not a technique gained through training. Germa 66, he says, is a highly scientific organization of criminals and this is just one of their successes through their technology, which Big Mom is also after. Brook recalls that the Vinsmoke family would also have royal lineage and once ruled the Northblue. Pekoms confirms this, however they would have been driven from there for their crimes. Reiju admires Brook’s knowledge, but corrects that they are still considered a royal family, but without land of their own. Nevertheless, they would also have the right to participate in the Levely if they wanted to.

Reiju then turns to Luffy and immediately realizes that he must have eaten an armored stonefish from the boiling hot sea, as she knows the effects of its poison. Normally, it would kill even a full-grown giant instantly. Luffy is lucky, however, as this poison is one of Reiju’s favorites. She then presses her lips to Luffy’s and sucks all the poison out of him. Luffy’s rash then disappears. The others are perplexed by this scene and Brook is envious of Luffy. After Reiju is done, Luffy has regained his color and is completely cured, according to Chopper. However, the ship’s doctor immediately inquires about Reiju. The latter replies that the poison had no effect on her, as she was “Poison Pink” for a reason. On the contrary, she found it extremely tasty.

After Luffy regains consciousness, he thanks Reiju for saving him. Reiju, in turn, is grateful that the Straw Hats looked after her little brother. Sanji is part of her family, however he and her father went their separate ways during Sanji’s childhood. However, a few years ago, her father would have started looking for Sanji. When Sanji’s first wanted poster was published, her father ordered an intensive search for Sanji. But they only found a man named Duval. When the new wanted poster with a real picture of Sanji was circulated, Sanji’s father immediately raised the bounty and ordered that Sanji be taken alive so that he could be delivered to him. Luffy asks where Sanji is right now, but Reiju doesn’t know. She and Yonji were still hoping to intercept him to greet him in person, but he seems to have already arrived on Whole Cake Island. Luffy thanks Reiju again for the help, but declares that he will get Sanji back. Yonji then addresses Pekoms as to why he is with the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Pekoms has no reason to explain himself to them, as there is currently no connection between their organizations. Reiju confirms this and jumps back onto their ship. Yonji and Reiju do not want to report their encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates, lest they provoke an incident that would jeopardize Sanji’s wedding. The Germa 66 ship then moves on and the Straw Hats continue on their way as well. No one knows that the entire situation underwater was observed by Aladine, who reports to Jinbe via Den-den Mushi.

Thousand Sunny: Nami reminds her companions that they still have a food shortage. Pekoms reminds them that they are already in Big Mom’s territory and can replenish their supplies on the next island. He explains that Whole Cake Island is surrounded by a total of 34 islands, with each island having its own minister. The surrounding area is also referred to as “Totto Land.” Pedro notices a new ship approaching them. This time it’s really a scout ship from Big Mom, which is why Pekoms advises everyone to hide in the cabin while he does the talking.

The ships anchor on the shore of a nearby island. Pekoms tells the guards from the ship that stole the Thousand Sunny from other pirates and wants to give it to Big Mom. There would even be candy on board as a surprise, which is why they shouldn’t report it to Big Mom. The people from the reconnaissance ship agree and continue on their way. Nami and the others are reassured and Carrot immediately wants to explore the island, but she is stopped by Pedro because it might be too dangerous. While doing so, they notice that Luffy and Chopper have already left the ship. The two have already reached the next town and are excited because it is made entirely of chocolate.

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