One Piece Episode 784


Thousand Sunny: With the help of his friends, Luffy has managed to land a huge fish. But the purple color of the fish raises doubts about whether it is really edible. Chopper therefore wants to look up the fish in a book first. He goes to Sanji’s locker and has to rummage through a large pile of erotic magazines until he finally finds a reference book on the subject of fish. Chopper then runs back to his friends to warn them about the fish’s poisonous skin. However, Luffy has already started eating large chunks of the skin. The rest of the crew hasn’t eaten anything yet, whereupon Chopper explains that the fish is edible when it’s skinned. Nami agrees to cook for free this time. Chopper inquires about Luffy’s condition, but the straw hat captain is fine. Nami then prepares the meal according to Sanji’s recipe.

When she is done, everyone is finally happy to be able to eat again. Only Chopper can’t enjoy the food, as Luffy has fainted in the meantime. Unfortunately, they are running low on healing herbs, so Chopper begs Nami that they need to find an island as soon as possible before Luffy dies. However, except for Whole Cake Island, there is no island nearby. Pekoms, who has since fully recovered, explains that there are several other small islands around Whole Cake Island and they can stop there. As they drive into a fog bank and cotton candy begins to snow, Pekoms informs the others that they are now in Big Mom’s territory and to be careful. Pedro spots the shadow of a ship in the distance. Pekoms then advises them to hide, as it could be a scout ship from Big Mom. He himself would talk to them and also ask them for an antidote for Luffy. After everyone hides, however, it turns out to be a Germa 66 ship.

A man in green clothes and a long black coat comes on deck and looks at the Straw Hats’ ship. Hearing that the ship belongs to Sanji’s father’s organization, the Straw Hats also come back on deck. They prevent both ships from colliding, at which point Chopper spots the man’s furrowed eyebrow. Everyone rejoices, thinking they’ve found Sanji, and Chopper inquires of him about an antidote for Luffy. However, the man makes it clear that he is not Sanji. He removes his hood, revealing his green hair. He introduces himself as Yonji, and that he is connected to Sanji, but would not explain in what way. It is obvious to everyone, however, that Yonji is Sanji’s younger brother. When Yonji spots Nami, he happily prances back and forth like his brother while complimenting the female navigator. One of Yonji’s men then reports that the Straw Hats probably aren’t transporting Sanji after all, so they should return to the rest of Germa. Meanwhile, a rash spreads across Luffy’s skin as his antibodies can no longer keep the poison at bay. It looks like Luffy could die at any moment. Chopper asks Yonji to give them an antidote, however, he doesn’t see why he should help other people. He even suggests that if they’re pirates, they’d better try to take it from them by force. Other than their visual resemblance and fondness for beautiful women, the Straw Hats quickly realize that Sanji has nothing in common with his brother. But suddenly Yonji is catapulted into the sea with a kick from his sister. She then jumps from her ship over to the Sunny and apologizes for her cold-hearted brother.

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